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  1. It might be my iPod. I checked it, and there were no songs that didn't work after it. Hm... not a big deal though
  2. If you were to design a concert containing... 20-30 songs, what would they be? And where? (Make sure the order makes sense; a good starting/ending song) Smoke on the Water - Deep Purple Bohemian Rhapsody - Queen Stairway To Heaven - Led Zeppelin Enter Sandman - Metallica Dreamer - Ozzy Osbourne Imagine - Jonn Lennon 25 or 6 to 4 - Chicago Black Dog - Led Zeppelin Mother - Pink Floyd Help - The Beatles A Kind of Magic - Queen Renegade - Styx Another Brick in the Wall (all prts) - Pink Floyd Separate Ways - Journey We're Not Gonna Take It - Twisted Sister We Will Rock You
  3. In the video for Another Brick in the Wall, by Pink Floyd, WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THE FACE MASKS FOR!?
  4. We Will Rock You is probebly a good rock opera
  5. Everything's Alright - Jesus Christ Superstar.
  6. Well, in the actual video for Goodbye Blue Sky, it resembels your literal meaning more than the symbolic. The world may never know.
  7. Most of mine are classic rock songs
  8. Well, no, but where else would I put it? Most peolple have classic songs on their iPod/MP3
  9. Goodbye Blue Sky Did you see the frightened ones? Did you hear the falling bombs? Did you ever wonder why we Had to run for shelter when the Promise of a brave, new world Unfurled beneath the clear blue sky? Did you see the frightened ones? Did you hear the falling bombs? The flames are all long gone, but the pain lingers on. Goodbye, blue sky Goodbye, blue sky. Goodbye. Goodbye. By Pink Floyd (David Gilmour) Roger Waters said "It sums up my life to this point." He is saying Goodbye to the Blue Sky, which is his Mother. Mother is another Pink Floyd songs, which is direct
  10. I didn't even know there were that many bands O_o.
  11. My favourite guitar solo is in Queen's 'These Are The Days Of Our Lives'. Listenin' to it and tell me what you think
  12. I've barely heard of 5 of those people
  13. No, the band Ten Years After wrote 'In the year 2525'. In the year 2525... blah blah blah... blah. I'm sure it was by 10 yrs aftr.
  14. Ten Years After is a good band In the year 2525... Yep, that was Brian Mays guitar
  15. I have (artist only (too many songs for me to list )): AC/DC Aerosmith Autograph The Beach Boy The Beatles Bon Jovi Bruce Springstein Cher (yes, you read correctly) Chicago Coldplay Deep Purple Def Leppard The Eagles Eminem* Eric Clapton Foreigner George Harrison Gorillaz Green Day (again, you read correctly) Grieg (classical music ) Haddaway Iron Maiden Jesus Christ Superstar (a song from the musical) Jimi Hendrix John Lennon Journey Kelly Clarkson (one of my moms songs that got mixed up in mine) Kiss Korn (just a cover of a Pink Floyd song) Led Zeppelin Mercy
  16. I don't like AC/DC in particular, but they are ok They are atleast on my iPod
  17. Do they have to be 'something official' to do with the song, or just a random photo that has a connected with a song? I posted a stairway to heaven for the song Stairway to Heaven and it was taken off the boards. I don't get this exactly
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