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  1. I don't like the show...music doesn't really get more commercial than finding a singer on national TV, does it?

    That said, I part of an episode last night and it had its entertaining moments. I just don't like the principle and I never liked American Idol anyway.

  2. I LOVE the VU ("Heroin" included, I've read a lot of first-person accounts and the song is pretty real). Definitely seminal-they just don't make music like that anymore. I'm currently obsessed with "Pale Blue Eyes."

    How about Nico on the first album? I've heard so many people say that her voice annoys them, but I've never been bothered by it. She doesn't sing on most of it anyway, and I like Nico-she's definitely a character.

  3. I never used to like the older Beatles stuff (pre-Rubber Soul) but lately I have seen the light. The later stuff is much better, but a lot of the early stuff is the simple, boppy love stuff that just makes people happy. I'll get the song "I've Just Seen A Face" stuck in my head for days.

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