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  1. You've Got A Friend. Both James Taylor and Carole King did versions of this song.
  2. Tammy11173

    What's your nickname?

    Falafel Diaperchunks. How not appitizing!
  3. Tammy11173

    Diving for the 'Off-Switch'

    Rap,Heavy Metal,Opera,Anything Pink Floyd(especially 'The Wall') Livin'Thing By Elo,and Ode To Billy Joe By Bobbie Gentry,to name a few.
  4. Tammy11173

    Poised to be big, then PFFT!

    The Beach Boys after'Pet Sounds'.
  5. Tammy11173

    Tear Jerker Songs , HEAVY DUTY SAD

    I thought of one more, Just Like Starting Over By John Lennon.
  6. Tammy11173

    Tear Jerker Songs , HEAVY DUTY SAD

    Leaving On A Jet Plane By John Denver(or by Peter Paul and Mary)and Butterfly Kisses By Bob Carlisle.
  7. Hey Jude By The Beatles
  8. Tammy11173

    Songs About Rainbows....

  9. Tammy11173

    100 years - Five for fighting

  10. Tammy11173

    Whatcha Watchin On TV Now?

    I'm quite addicted to watching 'The Cut' on Wednsday nights.
  11. I am curious about what the song is called and who sings the song about being 22(then 33) for a moment. It's on a credit card commercial.
  12. Tammy11173

    songs about prejudice

    How about 'Brother Louie' by Stories?
  13. Tammy11173

    Play any musical instruments?

    Just a little piano and guitar.
  14. Tammy11173


    I like some country music, especially The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band( I know, some of their stuff is a little bit more rockish.). I think that Martina McBride and Vince Gill have good voices. Some of the older stuff (like Hank Willams Sr.) is okay as long as it's not to twangy.
  15. I would have to say that "Never Say Goodbye" by Bon Jovi (off their "Slippery When Wet"album) really brings back memories of my senior year of high school (1987): enjoying still being a kid and not having too many adult resposibilities; having a crush on a guy and not knowing if he likes you back; a younger kid dying in a car accident; sitting on a swing at the playground after graduation and wondering what comes next.