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  1. is it dressed in pink?
  2. I don't think you should abandon poetry. Even if you just write it for yourself. Art is expression, so if it is your passion, go for it. I haven't kept up with the writing industry, but it might be easier to submit short stories to magazines first. I only know The New Yorker, but I'm sure there are many others that publish short stories. Once you get one or two published there, it might be easier to shop a short story book. Also, if you do have trouble writing long narratives, short stories may be better for you.
  3. Can't say I disagree, rayzor, because I think that myself. There is still racism, misogyny and homophobia everywhere no matter how much more open we are as a society. It seems like people need something to fight about.
  4. Countries that keep their people poor, isolated and ignorant are basically breeding terrorists. If the middle east is truly committed to ending terrorism, they need to improve the lives of their people and allow every citizen the opportunity to go to school, work and have a purpose to their life. Otherwise, they will be easily brainwashed by these animals.
  5. Let's Go - Matt & Kim It's official...I am addicted to Spotify
  6. Ruthless People - 7.5/10 Danny DeVito's wife, played by Bette Midler, is kidnapped for ransom and he doesn't pay in the hopes that the kidnappers will kill her and relieve him of her. The kidnappers, however, are just a down on their luck couple who help Bette find herself again and get her revenge. Funny Funny Funny Judge Reinhold
  7. Oops, sorry How about Sandra Bullock
  8. I'm friends with her on Facebook and see photos of her and her lovely daughter, but I miss her on here. Come back, Peaches!
  9. A girl in my daughter's class and her younger brother just lost her parents in a murder/suicide. It's enough of a tragedy when someone is in that much despair that they feel the need to kill themselves, but taking someone else with you and destroying your children's lives? It's just horrible.
  10. Last week I took my daughter to see "Book of Life". It was visually beautiful and an original and creative story about carving your own destiny. 7.5/10
  11. sucks major eggs (I'm a Giants fan, too, and they have been embarrassing themselves lately)
  12. because calamity struck
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