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  1. These are my fav!! :happybanana: I dont no if u can see the other to but there Led Zeppelin of course!
  2. 1.TNT 2.Thunderstruck 3.Back in Black 4.Shook me all night long 5.Highway to Hell 6.Stiff uppper lip 7.Hells Bells 8.Big balls 9.Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap) 10.The Jack
  3. I wanna live in Minnesota now for more than 1 reason!
  4. Well all the Canadains here post something u have heard about us Canadains and ease everyone minds that we are normal lol ..... here is wat i heard 1. No i dont live in an igloo 2. I dont have a pet beaver or peguin 3. And i dont know everyone in canada lol Just letting the world know the truth about Canadains...o yea if u heard something post it here and well will tell u if its true or not lol :: :happybanana:
  5. My uncle showed me how to play green sleves when I was like 10 :guitar:lol
  6. Thx KS I found out wat it was it was Louie Louie Thx for the help :: :happybanana:
  7. In my country we say ...eh..all the time..were am I from lol
  8. I was watchin the Simpsons the other night and it was the episode were homer goes crazy and goes on a break but it turns out to be spring break anyways when homer is on the hover boat thing thre is a song playin I dont no wat it is called can some tell me ??
  9. http://members.aol.com/lzhistory/mar.html go here there might be something you need here :happybanana:
  10. Rosa parks has a sweet beat to it!! :happybanana:
  11. I have heard alot of different songs where they turned it into techno....what do u think is the best or the funniest?? I think the funneist and most interesting one I ever heard was Stairway to Heaven in techno what were they thinking :happybanana:
  12. wow thats awsome most of my guy friends either play gutair i love listen to them its kewl
  13. Who do you think is going to hit it big in 2005 or who would you like to see #1 on the charts??? :guitar:
  14. some of his songs r good I never really heard a lot of his songs
  15. Who can forget the most wacked cartoon possibly ever put out for children....Alice and Wonderland....this cartoon is crazy :: :happybanana:
  16. OMG thats funny but I think the most scary moment I ever had watching a movie was in Phsyco when the girl is in the shower and he comes in dressed as his mother and murders her I was so freaked out!! I would only take a shower if someone was home!...Also all the Halloween movies were not scary to watch but the after affect had me creeped out totally! ::
  17. Greenday-Time of your life I no this is gunna sound funny but..Summer Loving- Grease Soundtrack ..lol I no it just brings back memerioes about a guy i will neva see again
  18. In the song I would do anything for love - Meatloaf... the lyrics say "I would do anything for love..but I wont do that" What is it he wont do
  19. Thats why when teens like myself gettin intersted in what we would call the old music we keep it alive and re-introduce it into our family and maybe our younger brothers and sisters and if we are lucky our siblings will start likin it and pass it on to the next genertation....because even thow todays music has evolved from rock to disco to pop to techno to rap then to punk threw those times the good old stuff was never forgotten.. and I admitt there was some good songs out of those listed. As we see today the band Velvet Revolver (if thats how u spell it)has brought back rock in a new form but still has the touch it always had! :guitar:
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