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  1. Has anyone heard the music styles of the not so well known band CKY I think some of there stuff is good like Close Yet Far and if your in for a good laugh The Chinesse Freestyle Rap is funny !!

  2. It wouldn't be good because John Bonham is dead. They are too old anyway to get back together, though they all look in great health. I would love to see it, but that would be wrong, disrespectful to Bonzo. No one can replace him, he was such a good drummer.

    I dont think there to old...although Bonzo is dead to see jimmy page and robert palnt and john paul jones would be better than nothin!!!!

  3. Stewie- Whoooo the hell do you think you are ? I love it when he says that!

    and ....Hotel Guy- Sorry you can't park your van on the diving board

    Louis- Thats not our van thats our son

    Hotel Guy- Hey Mike it's just a fat kid..look at the fat kid.

    =:P :happybanana:

  4. If you could put together Woodstock 2005 who would it be..no limits pretend nobody is dead and all the bands are still together lol....I would put:

    1. Led Zeppelin



    4.Lynyrd Skynrd

    5.Jimmi Hendrix

    6.Pink Floyd

    and now u can add on........... :happybanana:

  5. Normally I really don't like rap but I think 2pac deserves a little credit....Like that duet he did with Elton John! it is really good. I mean that takes some guts..what would people think of a that...rap and well Sir Elton John. Well i mean it did really work out there! What do u think?? :happybanana:

  6. Desire to love, forgotten hate,

    Incomparable humour, I can give,

    Still I wait, still I try.

    I think u should change the last part to still i try, still i wait becuse it rhymes better. But if this poem is about how u are feeling then I think that if this girl is not interested now then she mite never be..sorry :thumbsdown: but other than that good job :happybanana:

  7. I fisrt saw it in the theaters....then I saw it a second time on a plane from Calagray.....good movie to watch on a plane :stars: But I really liked it was really good!! It defenitly keeps you on the edge of your seat threw the whole movie.....no sleepin threw this movie! :happybanana:

  8. Brian: You want some ice cream?

    Stewie: No.

    Brian: You want some McDonalds?

    Stewie: No.

    Brian: You want to take a dump in Mother Maggie's shoes?

    Stewie: Yeah.

    Brian: Okay, let's go and take a dump in Mother Maggie's shoes. ::

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