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  1. NEVER GOING BACK- Fleetwood Mac
  2. Grand National "Peanut Dreams"
  3. Noel Gallagher and Joachim Berg from kent
  4. beetlebum by Blur and "there she goes" by the las. both about heroine.
  5. True I did, but i was sticking to the ones that still exist but those are the legends, you're quite right
  6. huh! I beg to differ wth all of you... in my opinion these are some of the greatest male vocalists: 1. John Lennon 2. Joe Strummer 3. John Lydon 4. Liam Gallagher 5. Johnny Thunders 6. Jocke from swedish band Kent and I think Liam Gallagher is just perfect coz he's a fuse between John Lennon and John Lydon. Although they may not have a register that stretches from here to brazil, I think they have each got something truly signature about their vocals.. and they sound cool and not sappy.
  7. The new Similou single "all this love" the new johnny boy single scissor sisters remixed cd The clash - combat rock the wall pink floyd dvd the who dvd - the kids are alright happy with that!
  8. I'm from Norway, and I think there is just SO many great scandinavian bands first we have the 4 original scandirock bands, which have even created their own genre: 1. Gluecifer 2. Backyard Babies 3. Hellacopters 4. Turbonegro Those are famous internationally. Then we have The Norwegians: 1. Span (hard rock) 2. Morten Abel (from my home town, stavanger, the norwegian pop king, just brilliant) 3. Annie (brilliant song: "heartbeat". She's getting quite famous internationally now as well) 4. Ralph Myers and the Jack Herren band (electro pop of the highest calibre... get "think twice" 5. Madrugada (melancholic rock) 6. Sondre Lerche (of course) 7. Bertine Zetlitz (pop) 8. Briskeby (Pop Rock) Then we have the swedes .. which have the upper hand over us norskies I must admit: 1. The hives (obviously) 2. Kent (one of my favourite bands) 3. The Cardigans 4. Soundtrack of Our Lives 5. Melody Club (brilliant 80s band.. so worth listening to) 6. Infinite Mass 7. Håkon Hellström 8. The Knife plus lots that I havent mentioned and I dont know too many danish bands honestly..
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