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  1. I'll have to wipe the dust off of their greatest hits CD - I haven't listened to ELO in ages. I had "Out Of The Blue" on 8-track back in the day.... ah.... memories......
  2. I think everybody has a couple of guilty pleasures - one of mine is Justin Timberlake (even the name makes me cringe) "Rock Your Body" - I hate/love/hate that song
  3. wow - I went thru this post (as I do many of them) backwards. I was kinda floored when I saw the threadline - but I can relate. I was brought up being force fed country (Tom T Hall, Don Williams, Waylon & Willie, Merle Haggard etc) by my Dad. As I've gotten older I find myself seeking out with much appreciation the music I loathed as a kid. I have also discovered (public radio is a wonderful thing!) many singer-songwriters who play "country" music that you will never hear on the stations that play Faith Hill and Garth and the like. Check out Iris Dement, Robert Earl Keen, Steve Earle, Barry Mittendorf - just to name a few. This is the country equivalent of punk music. They play from the soul with no regard to commercial appeal, and for me, this is one of the things that I look for when I am adding music to my collection. There is music in nearly every genre that is worthy of your attention, if you can find it.
  4. Fionnuala Caitlyn Francesca Anne, Ann Patricia Vashti Matthew Claire Therese Earl shay(short form) Wayne Robert Rice Pilar George Paul Thomas Louis Louise Lloyd
  5. I've got a Rio Cali - it's 128MB with an SD expansion slot so theoretically I could get whatever the biggest available card is (1GB, 2GB?) for expanded storage. I got it for Christmas '03 - knowing what I do now it was a classic case of if I had waited a year, I could've gotten much more bang for the buck - but I like it. I wear it every morning when I walk (you gotta exercise, you know) and I love it. The 128MB holds about 25-30 songs depending on file size. I usually listen to the playlist twice through or put it on random for a couple of days. Changing out the tunes is very simple and since I'm on the computer regularly it's not really a hassle either. Although I will probably break down and buy a 1GB card for it at some point. It is well made - has an armband for exercising and has held up to being dropped a few times. One draw back - it takes a single AAA battery which are usually only good for about 3-4 hours or so of playback.
  6. I'm not knockin' you Opiate, but I can't can't suppress the gag reflex long enough for either of those movies to make me cry!! For me it's "Brian's Song" - the football movie about Gayle Sayers and Brian Piccolo - everytime.
  7. is a monkey shocking mofo New York Dolls
  8. I think it's LPpsycho in disguise. :: Pink Floyd - DSOTM Lou Reed - Rock n Roll Animal Rush - 2112 Van Halen - Van Halen Boston - Boston Al DiMeola - Elegant Gypsy LZ - Physical Graffitti Less Than Jake - Hello Rockview Sade - Love Is Stronger Than Pride Bob Marley - Kaya
  9. you do know that the Goos started out as a hard punk band - and their first release (no longer in print to my knowledge) included punk covers of Cream "Sunshine Of Your Love" and a Blue Oyster Cult song I can't place right at the moment. Us "oldies" know more than you think. Let me know if I'm wrong on the Cream song... it may be a different title.... also - for one hitters heh heh - anybody remember Benny Mardones "Into the Night"??? in my best falsetto - "if I could fly, I'd pick you up and take you into the night...."
  10. ...and I'd rather listen to an SACD of mammal flatulence than any of the above referenced crud.... oh and props to red for setting straight...
  11. Heaven Tonight - Cheap Trick I think they had a different "heaven" in mind tho.......
  12. Hear here ATC - Well put! Looks like another LPP to me.....
  13. Talented or not, she is definitely hot in an animal kind of way, and her marketing savvy, tho I loath it, works on several levels. She is kind of like communism, good for the masses, but not the free thinkers. How disparate are those observations? Please don't mind me, it's Friday night and I'm working my way thru a 12er of Warsteiner. Yay Deutschland!!
  14. Kudos to you RJ - taking the kids to se GM - that'll set 'em in the right direction! I remember my Mom was always playing records - unfortunately they included Tony Orlando / Elvis (the schmaltzy stuff) / Bobby Vinton / Carpenters, however there was some redemption with CCR / Loggins & Messina / Neil Diamond so she had some good influence (and I actually own the Carpenters Best of double set). My Dad on the other hand, was a huge old-school country fan. The 8-track in his truck was a continual loop of Tom T Hall, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Don Williams, etc etc. Obviously as a kid I detested any and all of that mostly because of the dictatorship attitude that he held in regard to what we could or could not hear in his presence. And now that I've grown up I love Willie and some select others. I did manage to get my Dad to eventually listen to and begrudgingly admit that he likes Lynyrd Skynyrd, Black Oak Arkansas, Elvin Bishop and some other southern oriented tunes. And of course as I've grown and my tastes have evolved, his have as well. He and his wife perform cracker folk music at various festivals and old timey gatherings. What a long strange trip.....
  15. wow - some excellent choices with several of my faves in there - here's a couple more to consider: UFO - Strangers In The Night Aerosmith - Live Bootleg Friday Night In San Francisco - Al DiMeola, Paco DeLucia, John McLaughlin :guitar: :guitar: :guitar:
  16. Knockin' On Heaven's Door has been recorded dozens if not hundreds of times with some very good (Clapton) and poor (GnR) interpretations, but the one that does it for me is Warren Zevon. He recorded his last album (The Wind) while he was terminal with lung cancer. It's a very poignant and touching message coming from a man on his deathbed. Check it out. (The whole disc is excellent btw).
  17. Let's examine for a moment the so called role models that were in the referenced magazine (which by the way I've never heard of, then again, I'm not exactly their target audience): 1 Pink = skank who can sing 2 Brintney Spears = skank who can't sing 3 Ms Dynamite = who is this? 4 Kelly Osbourne = just a skank riding daddy's name 5 Kylie Minouge = old skank who makes crappy dance music (she is hot tho) 6 Victoria Beckham = failed pop star who married money 7 Avril Lavigne = perfectly packaged radio ready avenue to 13 year olds allowance 8 Jennifer Lopez = psychotic pseudo actress/singer skank who is riding her glutes on the cash train 9 Sarah Miichelle = who is this pt 2? 10 Holly Valance = who is this pt 3? There are certainly more taltented and balanced women out there to use as role models, although I agree that the PARENTS should be the biggest influence on how to act, dress, treat others etc. It's inevitable that pop stars, pro atheletes, TV personalities and the like will have some influence because they are pushed down our throats through every media outlet 24/7. But that should be a minimal part of what shapes young peoples psyche and view of self because the PARENTS should pay attention to and monitor the extent to which their children buy into that crap. Enough soapbox. Women who I think might qualify as role model material include Tori Amos, Jewel (tho her last release and image change was garbage, she has since renounced it), Shania Twain (didn't say she was talented, just good role model material)and Jen from The Genitorturers (j/k). One more thing, Kurt Cobain, talented tho he was, is a perfect role model for WHAT NOT TO BE OR DO!! Mental illness and herion addiction - that's what I aspire to.
  18. Beatles - if only by virtue that none of them wore rhinestone jumpsuits, oh and that their music kicks almighty a##.
  19. how old are you? 39 left or right handed? left zodiac sign? Cancer Flavor of ice cream? Rocky Road or Pistachio been on an airplane? too many times Like Neil Diamond? yes due to parental (MOM) influence - "Song Sung Blue" Black or blue ink? Black right or left side of the bed? right How tall are you? 6'2" like cheese? love it Why songfacts name? best I could come up with at the time worst subject? math Favorite book? lately - Demons and Angels What's you favorite vacation, camping, travel, beach, sit around the house etc...? travel - specifically cruises What do you do when you're sad? sleep Whom do you aspire to be like? myself Are you ticklish? YES!! Are you a good dancer? after about 10 beers :happybanana: What´s your favorite drug? herb What do you drive? Infiniti G35 & Ford Explorer Sport Trac If you had to move, where would you go? North Carolina Coke or Pepsi? diet Coke Are you more like your mother or your father? Mom Do the cops have your mug shot on file? yes - DUI 1990 Any unusual scars or interesting birthmarks? no Ever modelled? no Can you sing? only in the car Favorite Pink Floyd song? I have to pick just one? nope - sorry Favourite Beatle? George Favourite song of all time? Remption Song - Bob Marley new question - Do you have any pets? I have two dogs, a pekingese named "Gizmo, and a Shih Tzu named "Dinero".
  20. either nobody's playing or you're stumped - one more clue: they're from Beantown
  21. Christmas hint - they are very dapper dressers, and most of thier music is "horny".....
  22. here's a couple of my faves... "They Live" w/Roddy McDowell - the earth is run by aliens that appear normal until you put on the special sunglasses. "The Gates of Hell" - don't recall who is in it - a priest commits suicide thus opening the gates of hell for the undead to return and cause mayhem - some of the grossest special effects I've ever seen. Toxic Avenger - one of the previous posts mentioned "Troma" films - this is probably the most well known movie that they released. This is a B classic.
  23. how about a little twist on the best guitar player thread.... since most of us likely never saw Hendrix, and a very lucky few have seen Gilmour or Page how about telling who is/are the best guitarist(s) you personally have seen perform - where, when etc.... for me pinning one down is impossible - I'll do top 3 - I'd have to say that the biggest impact I can recall was Ritchie Blackmore - saw him in Rainbow 1982 and I remember walking away thinking he was a GOD - also E.C. in 1990 blew me away, I never understood the hype until I saw him live - and Buddy Guy - saw him twice (1991 & 2004) and all I can say is if you get the opportunity........
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