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  1. Nelly - Hot In Here, or Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing are both suitable for that purpose IMO!
  2. Erm...who is GR :: Oh, you must mean CJ! The songs that play while your in the body shops are random, and come from the many music stations that you listen to while in the vehicles, Seeker So it could have been anyone of them. Sorry I have replied out of courtesy, but it was pointed out to me by another member that this game related stuff doesn't belong here in the music threads (even if it is about music within games it seems, so will possibly be considered off-topic, and I don't wanna get in any more disagreements with the fine people here, because I have a whopping great headache as it is) Oh I nearly forgot, nice to hear from you in Cheltenham too!
  3. Hi DiggsUK, Ah, yeah, Well I had a pretty rotten time over the holidays and let off a bit too much steam, which got misinterpreted along the way! All water under the bridge now as far as I, and the other members I was discussing it with are concerned. Nice to hear from you there in Wakefield
  4. I think this one could consider being justified here! Maybe? "Happy New Year" by ABBA No more champagne And the fireworks are through Here we are, me and you Feeling lost and feeling blue It's the end of the party And the morning seems so grey So unlike yesterday Now's the time for us to say... Happy new year Happy new year May we all have a vision now and then Of a world where every neighbour is a friend Happy new year Happy new year May we all have our hopes, our will to try If we don't we might as well lay down and die You and I Sometimes I see How the brave new world arrives And I see how it thrives In the ashes of our lives Oh yes, man is a fool And he thinks he'll be okay Dragging on, feet of clay Never knowing he's astray Keeps on going anyway... Happy new year Happy new year May we all have a vision now and then Of a world where every neighbour is a friend Happy new year Happy new year May we all have our hopes, our will to try If we don't we might as well lay down and die You and I Seems to me now That the dreams we had before Are all dead, nothing more Than confetti on the floor It's the end of a decade In another ten years time Who can say what we'll find What lies waiting down the line In the end of eighty-nine... Happy new year Happy new year May we all have a vision now and then Of a world where every neighbour is a friend Happy new year Happy new year May we all have our hopes, our will to try If we don't we might as well lay down and die You and I --------------------------------------------- Awww no, my pic has shrunk? Anyone wanna give me some tips on how to do it...I look anorexic
  5. Hiya, Ok, I'll make it short (as promised) So, in reverse order: Muziktyme, thank you for the welcome. Ah yes, the entrance, I believe in making myself known, that's for sure! And JR, yes that nasty man from Dallas, I remember him now. team24, Yeah it sure did help pal, Roadhouse that's the one! Much obliged to you fellow tadpole, and it appears that was George Strait, who sang the Ex's song in it. windy1, You're welcome! Well you certainly got one stubborn weed in me didn't you? :: Erm, I just called myself a weed! What I meant to say was cactus! Plus I had done a bit of rehearsing too, so
  6. So, my plan to rule these forums, and throw you all off guard by confusing people with lengthy, complex and erm...ANGRY, yes that's it, angry :beady: posts has been thwarted! I would have gotten away with it too, if it wern't for that pesky jrownsdega! :: Thanks for making me wear away all the letters on my keys too, through all that typing jrownsdega...I hope your satisfied? Well, it has been so interesting on here with all this messing with me, you...whoever, that I FEEL accepted enough to keep on posting (about music this time, and they won't be as long...promise) I can see earth-angel and windy1 made a good call over the members here, at least the ones I have encountered so far anyway. And I'm glad all the confusion seems to have been sorted out! Right, you can get back to your Christmas celebrations now...But be in here all the more earlier tomorrow. BAH HUMBUG!
  7. Right, three responses to my post...hmmm lets see if people got what I was trying to say! 1st reply: bluesboy...'It took me 100 posts before I felt someone was listening to me' Oh dear, that is not good! Also added a great link about the song I was after...With soundbites, excellent! This is very much appreciated Well bluesboy, it is good that you persevered with your postings, but why should it have felt that way to you huh? You're on to something here CJ! :: 2nd reply: jrownsdega...Oh, what's this? 'By all means, feel free to leave. Your condescension won't be missed, I'm sure' WOW...A bit hostile, and an awful lot RUDE! The only comment I actually made about you jrownsdega, was that 'if you had read my original post properly, they would have understood that George....Wait a minute...I ain't gonna write it all out AGAIN! But I will give a response. Dear jrownsdega, I suggest you go back to my last post, tell me where it states you BY NAME, and then say how it was an attack on you by me? You state you missed something on my original post! Well guess what...You seem to have done it again! For someone who says in their profile that one of their hobbies is 'reading constantly' then maybe you have a little word blindness because of it? I didn't use the example to attack you, hell, I didn't even refer to you by your username, which I most certainly would have done if I were making a verbal assault upon you! I also didn't say I was leaving the forum, or thinking about leaving either, but you seem to think I did! What I said was that I would have to rethink about posting here, but also went on to say 'I am not pointing any fingers myself though, just checking out how things tick around here' How can I check things out if I am leaving? How can I be making an attack on you if I'm not pointing any fingers? So, it just goes to show you doesn't it. You have misinterpreted me a second time! I did try to remain neutral when responding. I DIDN'T, and still don't have any beef with jrownsdega, but I guess hostility breeds more hostility...must be a throwback of our long distant ancestors, cavemen (er, cavepersons, must be PC about this...Wait, will he now think I'm calling him a caveman/person...well I'm not, so let's leave it in) 3rd reply: windy1...Better brace myself for more of the same...No, wait a sec! 'Addicted was referring to some recent unpleasantness, we are the most open and welcoming site you will find' Ok, this isn't hostile, can't say much about the most open and welcoming site bit yet, because I'm not totally impressed that out of three responses, one of them turned out to be less than welcoming...rather the opposite! Not good odds really, but let's read on...'Please give us a chance to show you. Far be it from me to beg you to stay, but give us a fair chance, before leaving under a misconception' Hmmm, still mention about my leaving, but a friendly enough tone & reply, and has helped a bit in trying to understand why newbies are treated with some caution here. Still, we should not all be tarred with the same brush because of a few undesirables! Thank you for your reply windy1, I will take it on board. Oh, and you have a nice day also :: Overall, I am optimistic about the responses here on the forum, although, the one negative reply did have a detrimental effect to be honest, but misinterpretation seems to be the reason that might have happened. But also the PMs that I have recieved concerning my last post, display a need to stick around for a while (yes, that's right, I'm putting the record straight, I am not leaving) because I can see that there are people here who feel the way I do, but just haven't been able to summon the courage to post their views YET! But I am sure that when they do, they will deserve your attention and understanding! That was my main goal in my last post, and if ANYONE feels they would like to PM me on this matter, because you may feel uncomfortable about putting it in the forums, then you are most welcome to I feel the welcome here could be better, others feel the same, and any good forum/message board should be all about friendship, trust, helpfulness and being good listeners/advisers. People should be made to feel a part of the whole experience, not outsiders looking in! Not much needs to be done on the whole, but there is room for improvement, and we all need to work together on this, if it is to flourish. I'm a family man myself, I didn't resort to, or need any swearing to get my points across, what I said, I felt needed to be said by someone, and it just happened to be me! I just want to help enhance this forum, as I'm heavily into music, and have more queries about songs. And would also like to help others out with theirs, if we can now get back to that! Thanks for your time
  8. Hi & thanks for the heads up Addictedtoclassic. Well, in light of some of the advice you gave, I must admit to feeling saddened by the thought of this message board having members who would act that way, towards people (newbies or whoever) that are just here to share information and help with songs, etc! Life is too short to waste on worrying if something you might say, could be interpreted as 'sounding stupid' to 'some' here. I thought at first that I might indeed like being part of the Songfacts community, but after reading what you had posted, and then browsing through the archives, can see that there are indeed members here the like of which you spoke of! To be like that doesn't interest me, as it would mean that the member who posted below your response could also be thought of as saying something that sounded stupid, because if they had read my original post properly, then they would have understood that George Strait wasn't mentioned as having anything to do with video games, certainly not by myself, or chillywillybcold either. The song in question was the only link involved! Am I expected by some to now 'eat up & spit out' that person multiple times like others might have done, who thought it could have sounded stupid to them? I think NOT! I was just making a point based on the information I had been given...It's up to you people here to prove that wrong isn't it? This seems to be just another reflection of the sad times we live in, where it is becoming more widespread for some to single out others in order to persecute and attack their views, purely to feel superior or powerful, or whatever it is they get out of it. and to belittle in some kind of twisted quest to claim 'victory' and 'domination' over those who might be too frightened or intimidated to speak out for fear of further 'attacks' Harsh words you might think...Well, no, not really these days, more and more people are jumping on the aggressive bandwagon than ever before. It took me 27 years to fall victim to all the bottled up feelings of frustration and anger, caused by peoples actions towards me, that I had been subjected to within those years. It only really becomes clear to you, after you've had more than you can take...Only then can you really step back, take stock of it all, and understand what has happened, and how it continues to happen. It is the poor souls who cannot grasp why this should be happening to them, or do not want to accept it, and then decide they cannot take it anymore, and look for some kind of 'release' that I feel the most sorrow for! It could so easily have gone that way for me, had I not somehow found the strength to overcome it. And for what, because 'you' didn't feel like answering with a civil tounge in your head? Because 'you' just didn't have the time or patience for that person? OH PLEASE, DO ME A FAVOR! Addicted is not a newbie, they have a rating of Manatee, with 611 posts (at time of writing) under their belt, and for them to bring attention to this past situation, well, there must be something worth looking into by a moderator here! Geez, all you have to do is browse some of the older postings to get the jist of it. You shouldn't have to laugh it off, or watch what you say (profanity excluded of course for *@%#s sake) :: I took the time to read the main post on what is accepted, and what is not here, and the kind of behaviour you spoke of should not be allowed, and apparently it IS NOT allowed on these boards...Maybe some others didn't bother looking at it, I'm not sure? But that is the way it seems to be, reading some posts with that content. So much for 'free speech' I first thought upon joining up, but perhaps some are too free with theirs, sometimes to the point of what might be deemed cruel, vindictive and discriminating, and THEY appear to go unpunished! I would like to thank both chillywillybcold and Addictedtoclassic for the help and comments they made, but will have to rethink about wether to post here in the future, as I do NOT want to be involved in ONE, let alone multiple possible 'eat you up & spit you out' situations arising, because that is not what I came here for, or expected. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying I can't give as good as I get if it did kick off, but what with the rules concerning posts, and the plain fact that I've got better things to do with my time, than get involved in petty squabbles, it simply isn't worth risking it! I am not pointing any fingers myself though, just checking out how things tick around here...I'm sure a good fair few of you are genuine nice people, but seeing as I'm being treated for depression & anxiety (due mainly to the 'nasty' people element that has been evident throughout my 30 odd years on this rock) I hoped for a different piece of advice than what was first given! First impressions can stick, wether you like it or not...But, how you who choose to respond to this posting, will decide if I initially got it wrong or not! This post is also dedicated to any members here, who in the past might have had a less than kind response to their posting, but thought 'that ain't right to say at all, but awwww maybe it could be a joke, or they didn't mean it...or did they...Nah! :: :: :: Oh, by the way, next month my second novel 'How to get to the top, by whatever means necessary' is published by Manipulation Books priced $19.95 MERRY CHRISTMAS :guitar: :happybanana: :happybanana: :guitar:
  9. Hi chillywillybcold, I know how you feel..it's freezing here too! :: Thanks so much for the info, I will check it out now I have a name, and keep fingers crossed its the one! Yep, it was the BEST choice I've ever made concerning a game. Every1 who enjoys games and has a PS2 should get this great game and play it, just for the experience...I'd love to hear what people got out of it! You guys and gals should have (maybe you already do I might have missed it) a section on console/PC games here, like you do with movies...but I'm drifting off topic, so will can it for now Think I'm gonna like it here, as long as you all pretty much go easy on rookies like myself? --------------------------------- Bail before one time comes!
  10. Hiya people, Wanted to join up because I NEED some help! I'm a GTA fan (as you might have guessed from my username) and was listening to the fictional country radio station, while cruisin' in San Andreas, when 'All my ex's live in Texas' came on, sung by (it says in the game guide) Whitey Shafer. Now I also heard this song in a Patrick Swayze movie I think, but it sounded different to the one in the game. Can anyone help out with who sang the one in the movie? I'm useless at searches on the net :: I remember there was a lot of fist fights in the flick, and some cool blind guy who played guitar! C'mon get those thinking caps on ::
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