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  1. Nelly - Hot In Here, or Marvin Gaye - Sexual Healing are both suitable for that purpose IMO!
  2. Erm...who is GR :: Oh, you must mean CJ! The songs that play while your in the body shops are random, and come from the many music stations that you listen to while in the vehicles, Seeker So it could have been anyone of them. Sorry I have replied out of courtesy, but it was pointed out to me by another member that this game related stuff doesn't belong here in the music threads (even if it is about music within games it seems, so will possibly be considered off-topic, and I don't wanna get in any more disagreements with the fine people here, because I have a whopping great headache a
  3. Hi DiggsUK, Ah, yeah, Well I had a pretty rotten time over the holidays and let off a bit too much steam, which got misinterpreted along the way! All water under the bridge now as far as I, and the other members I was discussing it with are concerned. Nice to hear from you there in Wakefield
  4. I think this one could consider being justified here! Maybe? "Happy New Year" by ABBA No more champagne And the fireworks are through Here we are, me and you Feeling lost and feeling blue It's the end of the party And the morning seems so grey So unlike yesterday Now's the time for us to say... Happy new year Happy new year May we all have a vision now and then Of a world where every neighbour is a friend Happy new year Happy new year May we all have our hopes, our will to try If we don't we might as well lay down and die You and I Sometimes I see How the brave ne
  5. Hiya, Ok, I'll make it short (as promised) So, in reverse order: Muziktyme, thank you for the welcome. Ah yes, the entrance, I believe in making myself known, that's for sure! And JR, yes that nasty man from Dallas, I remember him now. team24, Yeah it sure did help pal, Roadhouse that's the one! Much obliged to you fellow tadpole, and it appears that was George Strait, who sang the Ex's song in it. windy1, You're welcome! Well you certainly got one stubborn weed in me didn't you? :: Erm, I just called myself a weed! What I meant to say was cactus! Plus I had done a bit of rehe
  6. So, my plan to rule these forums, and throw you all off guard by confusing people with lengthy, complex and erm...ANGRY, yes that's it, angry :beady: posts has been thwarted! I would have gotten away with it too, if it wern't for that pesky jrownsdega! :: Thanks for making me wear away all the letters on my keys too, through all that typing jrownsdega...I hope your satisfied? Well, it has been so interesting on here with all this messing with me, you...whoever, that I FEEL accepted enough to keep on posting (about music this time, and they won't be as long...promise) I can
  7. Right, three responses to my post...hmmm lets see if people got what I was trying to say! 1st reply: bluesboy...'It took me 100 posts before I felt someone was listening to me' Oh dear, that is not good! Also added a great link about the song I was after...With soundbites, excellent! This is very much appreciated Well bluesboy, it is good that you persevered with your postings, but why should it have felt that way to you huh? You're on to something here CJ! :: 2nd reply: jrownsdega...Oh, what's this? 'By all means, feel free to leave. Your condescension won't be missed, I'm sure' WOW
  8. Hi & thanks for the heads up Addictedtoclassic. Well, in light of some of the advice you gave, I must admit to feeling saddened by the thought of this message board having members who would act that way, towards people (newbies or whoever) that are just here to share information and help with songs, etc! Life is too short to waste on worrying if something you might say, could be interpreted as 'sounding stupid' to 'some' here. I thought at first that I might indeed like being part of the Songfacts community, but after reading what you had posted, and then browsing through t
  9. Hi chillywillybcold, I know how you feel..it's freezing here too! :: Thanks so much for the info, I will check it out now I have a name, and keep fingers crossed its the one! Yep, it was the BEST choice I've ever made concerning a game. Every1 who enjoys games and has a PS2 should get this great game and play it, just for the experience...I'd love to hear what people got out of it! You guys and gals should have (maybe you already do I might have missed it) a section on console/PC games here, like you do with movies...but I'm drifting off topic, so will can it for now Think
  10. Hiya people, Wanted to join up because I NEED some help! I'm a GTA fan (as you might have guessed from my username) and was listening to the fictional country radio station, while cruisin' in San Andreas, when 'All my ex's live in Texas' came on, sung by (it says in the game guide) Whitey Shafer. Now I also heard this song in a Patrick Swayze movie I think, but it sounded different to the one in the game. Can anyone help out with who sang the one in the movie? I'm useless at searches on the net :: I remember there was a lot of fist fights in the flick, and some cool blind guy wh
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