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  1. space age music is great here's a great site for incredibly strange music : http://www.ultralounge.com/ great stuff
  2. hey, maybe we can post a few great names of bands from our home country? i'm from belgium and here we have -Ozark henry ( experimental, great albums are 'birthmarks','the sailor not the sea' and 'this last warm solitude' ) -deus (rock) -k's choice (rock) -an pierlé ( our local tori amos) -zita swoon (rock-pop) -hooverphonic (experimental - rock - pop ) -gabriel rios (latin dance pop, originally from puerto rico ) the dude abides, belgium rules :happybanana:
  3. 1 coldplay - a rush of blood to the head 2 radiohead - ok computer 3 tom waits - ol' 55 4 johnny cash - the man comes around 5 tori amos - boys for pele 6 bob dylan - blood on the tracks 7 the doors - every single one of their albums 8 cat power - free 9 patti smith - 'wings' or 'trampin' or 'easter ' 10 norah jones - come away with me not nessecarely in that order folks
  4. i guess it's about a very very very disturbingly confused and terribly troubled youngman that's chocked by his parents expectations. but for the dead bodies part??? maybe he just killed his family out of hate because they pushed him so far. all hail to revenge !
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