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  1. OH, I made a mistake in my first post - the new bassist is LISA Marx, not Jennifer!
  2. All-girl Canadian metal band KITTIE are very worthy of your ears. With 4 albums to their name, they definately aren't total newcomers to the metal scene. Kittie have toured with Slipknot, co-headlined the Ozzfest sidestage with Soulfly, shared the stage with Pantera on one of the band's final tours, and have given the world of heavy metal a blinding kick of female fury. With lead singer Morgan's Lander's vocal range stemming from a throaty growl, to a scream and then to the soft singing voice that shows her feminine side, Kittie's ability to morph each song into it's own individual mould is astounding. Kittie is currently made up of these 4 females - founding sisters Morgan and Mercedes Landers, Jennifer Arroyo and the newest bassist Jennifer Marx. Past members (all bass players) were - their founding original bassist Tanya Candler (who is now in a power punk band named The Candy Darlings), Fallon Bowman and Talena Atfield and even their former guitart-technician Jeff Phillips. Songs to definately check out are "Charlotte", "Brackish" (their first song ever written), "Pussy Sugar", "Into The Darkness" and an extremely well-done cover of Pink Flloyd's "Run Like Hell" - different songs from different albums, showing their unique-ness in this male-driven world of heavy metal. For more information visit www.kittie.net, or get cracking down to your local music store and pick up an album!
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