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  1. Yeah... every year if you look hard enough, you'll find a possible Zeppelin reunion in the summertime, but I'm pretty sure this isn't going to happen. Plant's voice is completly shot (I hated the new Unledded DVD), Bonzo's dead (RIP), JPJ hasn't worked with anyone in forever... There has always been talk of replacing Bonham with his son, but he's just not good enough. If they did somehow miraculously tour, could you bear to watch Plant struggle to sing an octave below the notes he used to hit? Could you picture Led Zeppelin without Bonzo?

    I couldn't, nor would I want to.

    I totally agree with you. Even though I love Led Zeppelin, it would not be good now. He struggled slightly in No Quarter, which was 11 years ago, so it's not an option.

    Led Zeppelin isn't the same with John Bonham dead.

    Rip Bonzo. :rockon:

  2. Probably not...it seems we have to repeat ourselves for only one reason.

    Calling me an idiot?. I know that "reason" is me, I don't like The Zutons, deal with it.

    Not many poeople hear like Stairway to Heaven as much as me, and I have to deal with it.

  3. I'm not into the whole hatred thing, since I'm a Christian, even though i get mad sometimes. Write a happy poem next time please, no criticism intented.

    You should just be happy, not Mr. Hate all the time.

    Welcome to Songfacts.

    Listen to Led Zeppelin :rockon: :guitar:

  4. Yep I agree,Pleacebo don't suck!! lead singer is hot too! AND The Zutons are soo brilliant,totally different from other bands right now..

    I hate that guy's voice in Placebo, I hate it, it's so crap. Just because the Zutons are different doesn't make them good, I'm not into the whole trumpet solo thing. :guitar: Listen to Led Zeppelin.

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