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  1. You can try a-sus. Play an A chord, but slide your 3rd finger up to the third stret, on the b-string, to play a-sus.
  2. Put these chords to song song if you want. d flat minor 7th, G 7th. Try this riff too. E--3--0--0--0--|--1--0--0--0--| B--1--1--1--1--|--3--1--1--1--| G--2--2--0--0--|--2--2--0--0--| D--2--2--2--0--|--0--3--2--0--| A--0--0--3--2--|--x--0--3--2--| E--x--x--0--3--|--x--x--0--3--| For this you play each bar seperately. First the first bar 4 times, then the second bar 4 times. The strumming pattern is down up down up down. That is played for each chord in each bar once, and played 4 times. Am I confusing you?.
  3. That's an understatement Dave............ :happybanana:
  6. That's called the intro. I can play da whole thang!. :happybanana:
  7. Good for you!!!. Now try to play D flat minor 7th!!!, Or Dm, which is E-1, B-3, G-2.
  8. So true. LED ZEPPELIN!!. Virtuoso guitar solo's, it must be true!.
  9. This can be parts of a song, or the whole song, it doesn't matter, just put beside the song part or whole ok?. I put this because there is no post for guitarists, so here you go. Put beside what is your fave to play too. Here you go: Stairway to Heaven - whole. (Fave to play, learning to solo, can play all the acoustic part ) WonderWall - whole. 7 nation army - whole. Under the bridge - part. Tribute - part. Smells like teen spirit - whole. Come as you are - whole. In Bloom - part. Lithium - part. And I forget some. lol.
  10. "And it makes me wonder...". Stairway to Heaven - Led Zeppelin, just in case you didn't now.
  11. Lets just say a decade is 12 years.. Can 1968 to 1980 count?. It had the end of the 60's, all the 70's, and a taste of the 80's!!. Mainly because I like Led Zeppelin and Queen.
  12. Karhul

    A Survey

  13. And where are you from???. ::
  14. The first album I bought was by the way by the Chilli's about 3 years ago on a cruise ship on a boys brigade ship!. lol. I only have 3 secular cd's, All that you can't leave behind and how to dimantle an atomic bomb by U2, and about 6 non-secular cd's. Ask your mother what that means.
  15. Is this about sadness and resentment?.
  16. Why don't you call it painfull love?. Try these guitar chords with it, ok?. Not necessarily in order, I just think they would go well with it. Dm, Am, Cmaj7, Bm7, Em, Gm. Tell me what you think ok?.
  17. Its about both: Giving and getting. You give someone good times, which makes you happy because they are happy, so its kind of like a circle, never ending.
  18. Im Ireland we have Newgrange, one of the best well preserved and well known megalithic tombs in the world. We were also the first country to hold the special olympics outside of America!!!. What heritage does your country have??. Don't forget to add your country name.
  19. Karhul

    A Survey

    This is a great game RogerWaters!!!. I love it!. Let us all celebrate your creativness!!. YAH!!!. how old are you? 14 left or right handed? Left. zodiac sign? tauras Flavor of ice cream? lemons been on an airplane? yes Like Neil Diamond? Don't know him Black or blue ink? Blue right or left side of the bed? Left How tall are you? 5'5 like cheese? Yes Why songfacts name? My nickname in school worst subject? French Favorite book? Harry Potter 5 What's you favorite vacation, camping, travel, beach, sit around the house etc...? Vacation What do you do when you're sad? Tell friends Whom do you aspire to be like? Mark Callaway Are you ticklish? Yes. Are you a good dancer? no What´s your favorite drug? Petrol Fumes! What do you drive? Nothing really :: Coke or Pepsi? Coke. Are you more like your mother or your father? mother Do the cops have your mug shot on file? No Any unusual scars or interesting birthmarks? Yeah Ever modelled? no, but I like to watch the legs go by...... Can you sing? Yes. I can sing a bit like Robert Plant Favorite Pink Floyd song? I have never listened to them Favourite Beatle? John Lennon Favourite song of all time? Stairway to Heaven Do you have any pets? A cat Least Favourite band? Every rap band Favorite band of all time? Led Zeppelin Do you speak another language? French and Irish, but I suck at them both. Its kind of wierd, Irish is my native language, but everyone speaks English!!. lol. I suppose its better, because all of you can enjoy my company!!!. YAH!. New Question: Every have a serious injury?. I broke my leg in a very bad skateboard accident. I was going down an 8 foot ramp, and I think at the end I fell of. My right ankle broke 90 degrees to the right and the fibula and tibula both snapped in half. So my foot was dangling off the end of my leg, extrememly sore. Now my right foot is one shoe size smaller. lol.
  20. That's the guy I was looking for!. Now he's dead. A question: What members of Led Zeppelin were satanists?.
  21. I would have to say Robert Plant and Freddie Mercury, I just can't get enough!!!.
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