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  1. Questions are good, and even better when they are answered!!! Post your question about a movie here, and see if someone can answer, or at least try to answer your questions! Have fun!! My question involves the movie Gremlins: You aren't supposed to feed them after mid-night, but if you think about it, everytime is after mid-night, so what is the cut off time to be considered NOT after mid-night... 6:00am?
  2. It only starts out depressing... it will get less depressing, I am glad you like it! Now you will have to wait, though, unfortunately I can't write as fast as people read!!!
  3. Katie thanks for the heads up. Like I said she's still under construction, that's kinda like the rough draft. I will definately go back and edit it some, thanks. As I had continued writing the story I had debated about how old she should be... anyways since you liked it here is the second chapter. I hope it doesn't suffer by comparison! Thanks, Thumbelina Chapter Two The following morning Delia woke up with a pain in her neck. ?I must have slept funny,? she said quietly to herself. She descended the stairs and entered the kitchen to prepare the morning?s breakfast. She retrieved the egg
  4. I'm sure JR.. lol.. good band though, so be sure to check them out!
  5. Dear Katie, and other readers... This is a story I started writing. I didn't want to put all of it on at once, for I didn't want to waste anyones time and I wanted your input on the first chapter. If you like it let me know ASAP and I will post the second chapter, however remeber that it is unfinished and it stops in the middle of the third chapter. I will continue to add to it, however with summer reading books to read, and my new job to go to, I am not sure how much luck I will have with getting much more added right away. If you like it, and want to know what happens, let me know and supply
  6. Thanks Katie, I am glad that you think your cat is going to be fine. I really do hope he/she will be, too. I have a couple of stories that I have started writing, but then lost the "writers edge" as some may call it for I was afraid they wouldn't be good. I will probably post them soon. I mean as soon as I get the chance to have enough time to copy them over. Thanks Again for the compliments, its good to hear people like your work!!!
  7. Thank you sooo much for your reply... I mean I feel extremely vulnerable for putting some of my stuff out there and then I saw that ten people read it and I was like "AAAHHH" lol.. not quite that but I dont know how to put it in words.. but your input was nice.. Once again Thanks a lot and I really hope that your cat gets better and your sleep comes more easy.
  8. Don't forget the four bucks for the candy! lol No, what makes seeing scary movies at the theater is when you are sitting near stupid people who find the dumbest things scary. Like a door will shut and they will scream at the top of their lungs. That is sooo annoying. My mom jumps at everything too, like in House of Wax, the dog part, we saw it on the trailor, then in the theatre, she jumped and grabbed my arm at the same spot! I think I might still have a little bruise.. lol
  9. I think that anything is scarier at night. I dont like it when they decide to go all defensive and load up with weapons and other equipment, but then when they use something, like an axe for example, they usually dont pick it back up to reuse it... another thing... THEY NEVER DIE!!! scary movies have been being made for years, yet one thing the characters never realize is that the big bad is NEVER DEAD!!! lol
  10. I can tell you what bugs me the most. The stairs are always by the front door. The victim is by his/herself in the house, hears a noise and locks the door. Then two seconds later the victim is running away from the big bad, and tries to open the door, but they cant. BUT THEY NEVER UNLOCK THE DOOR! What do they do? They run up the stairs! I mean seriously, come on!
  11. I wrote these last year and have cont. writing... False Murder In the asylum she waits, She wasn't insane, she knew it couldn't be true. She wasn't the one who killed him, or his ugly wife. It was Cindy, her other self, no she wasn't insane. It wasn't her fault that she was there/ She takes over sometimes, and maybe thats why, In the asylum she waits Alone Alone she waits under the tree, He promised he'd be back for me. Be back to get her before the storm, Back to get her before her heart gets torn. A promise is what he made, A burden is what he laid. Insid
  12. I understand that it's hard to find decent clips, or listen to full songs on the internet without having to buy something, so to get a look see and listen to PFTSOB and other new bands go to http://www.indiebandradio.com here you can request a song by PFTSOB to check them out! Thanks
  13. I honestly dont think that the band is pissed at Connie at all. I mean, even though AI is definately NOT the way to go for a rocker, the publicity definately helped them get noticed a little quicker.
  14. Some of you may know who Constantine Maroulis is from American Idol. His band is from New York, NY and is called Pray For The Soul of Betty. The band's website is http://www.prayforthesoulofbetty.com/pages/17/index.htm They are really good. I was lucky enough to see their CD release party at the Key Club in LA. You could compare them to any really good 80's rockband's earlier work, like the Scorpians, ACDC, or Metallica. Check them out, they are the coolest.
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