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  1. Have any of Y'all heard of Meade Skelton? He has a truly unique and amazing singing voice, and hes a very good songwriter and piano player from Richmond, Virginia. His music is kind of eclectic. They sometimes call him "Americana" or "Alternative Country", but he does everything from Jazz to Pop to Country to Folk-Rock to Gospel. He is working on a new CD called "Songs of Love"- which includes the song he wrote for Actress, Nicole Kidman. Y'all can visit his official site here: www.meadeskelton.com He has music for sale at www.cdbaby.com/cd/meade www.vabest.com and www.amazon.com Chec
  2. Meade Skelton- I've heard of him ! He's an amazing singer, and he writes his own stuff. Very original. Y'all should check him out. He comes from some place in Virginia I believe. Richmond- or something like that. Anyways, he has a website: www.meadeskelton.com
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