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  1. this is har jr rocker.

    I remember when I was a freshman in high school two years ago. I did not know who The Doors, Queen, The Who, Deep Purple, Mahanishvu Orchestra, The Police, ect...

    Howver, at the end of freshman year I did not have a lot of music, and I thought to myself, I have it all, i was sadly mistaken, I had nothing, there was so much more to listen to.

    At the begining of junior year, present, I own

  2. I own all of the Dire Straits albums and I have to say this ranks among the worst of their career. Granted it houses a plethora of great songs, Tunnel of Love, Romeo and Juliet, Exsresso Love, it's too 80s for me. In contrast, Direr Straits debut album ranks among one of the finest debut albums of all time. Its impeccable from begining to end. Making Movies is an album for the yuppie blues fan. If you enjoy 80s Dire Straits, check out LOVE OVER GOLD "Telegraph Road" has stellar musicianship and poigant lyricism umatched by their later efforts. Moreover, ALCHEMY live is a graet live album, check that out as well.

  3. Essential Albums to make any collection complete(no order)once you get these, explore the bands further:

    1.Meddle-Pink Floyd


    3.Free Live-Free

    4.Zoot Allures-Frank Zappa

    5.Roxy Music-Roxy Music

    6.The White Album-The Breatles

    7.How the West Was Wone (Live)-Led Zeppelin

    8.Machine Head-Deep Purple

    9.Disintergration-The Cure

    10.Dire Straits-Dire Straits

    11.Electric Warrior-T. Rex

    12.Disraeli Gears-Cream

    13.Music from the Big Pink-The Band

    14.A Night at the Opera-Queen

    15.The Yes Album-Yes

    16.Bookends-Simon and Garfunkle

    17.Les Bains Douches (Live)-Joy Division

    18.Fillmore East (Live)-The Allman Bothers Band

    19.Hotel California-The Eagles

    20.Europe '72-The Grateful Dead

    21.Zenyatta Mondatta-The Police

    22.Pretty Hate Machine-Nine Inch Nails

    23.O.K. Computer-radiohead

    24.Eliminator-ZZ Top

    25.Even in the Quietest Moments-Supertramp

    26.Are Your Experienced-Jimi Hendrix

    27.John Barleycorn Must Die-Traffic

    28.Sticky Fingers-The Rolling Sones

    29. Power, Corruption & Lies-New Oder


  4. B0000033P4.01._SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg

    Works. Vol. 1 is the culmination of Emerson Lake and Palmer. One can sense the despair throughout the whole album

    This can be adequately summed up in a few short phrases:

    "This is it"

    "It's the end of the line"

    "Give it all you got"

    "This is thae last time we'll be doing this"

    You become inured to this mentality while listening to this record. The sentiment expressed above coupled with the flawless performance of Greg Lake, Keith Emerson, and Carl Palmer creates a sense of frustration; you ask yourself, "why did these guys break up?"

    Overall, an amzing album. A good place to start for ELP newbies.

    NOTE: This a MY review I posted on Amazon.com You can read this review there and other reviews that I have written there as well. I probably will begin to repost my amazon.com reviews on this website so more poeple can read them. If you would like to use this review, you must have my consent of a particular review that I have written. email me at: urbanebrain00@yahoo.com

  5. Hahahaha, worrying about what's cool? I can't think of a single regular poster who does. And I hate to break it to you, but classic rock is now considered cool. Perhaps you should find a different genre?

    First off, I love classic rock.

    I merely thought that Frank Zappa would have a larger fan base considering he recorded over 60 albums and made great music. I believe he is underrated and underappreaciated as a musician and astonished how so many people knoww little of him.

  6. Hello.

    Can anyone help with this:

    What a great site this is! It has been very handy in helping me understand songs that did not always make sense. For my English class I need to find a song that describes an imaginative journey. Could you please recommend any lyrics to me other than Lucy In the Sky With Diamonds.


    Carl: I hit the JACKPOT. The PERFECT song that matches your description as posted above.

    "The Adventures of Gregory Peccary"-Frank Zappa

    Its truly an imaginitive adventure. The whole song is a story, a good story.

    I'm too good.

  7. The banal perception of progressive rock band, GENESIS, is that Peter Gabriel is exaggeratedly flamboyant and his voice is disturbing. People naturally dismiss this supergroup as with "Invisisble Touch" and "I Can't Dance, granted, they are good songs, they do not define the band Geneis as a whole unit.

    Well, anybody who doesn't have there head up their ass is acutely aware of the stellar musicianship and poingant lyricism Gabriel brings to the table. WhilE Gabriel was apart of Geneis, he created some of the finest progressive rock of the era. It trulY pains me to see many of my friends who enjoy progressive rock to dismiss them as gay or stupid. Do not make this mistake. LISTEN TO GENESIS.

  8. Guys. Why the disinterest in Frank Zappa? Is he too "weird" for you? Yes, he's a far deparure from your standard Pink Floyd, Blue Oyster Cult bands, but he an amzing guitarist and musical genius. Not ONE reply. This is a disgrace to Frank Zappa. you should be ashamed of yourself.

    This post, like most that do not appeal to "what's cool" to listen to go unnoticed and underappreciated. Listen to zappa.

  9. Sorry, that might be a little harsh, but I dislike people who judge bands by compilation albums. "Yo Echos is such a great album man." You dont need to have every album, you just need to buy a few albums by the band that aren't compilations. Ideally, albums that fully capture a band's period. For instance, Meddle captures Pink Floyd's progressive period.

  10. B0000009S9.01._SCLZZZZZZZ_.jpg

    It is an experience to listen to one of the greatest raconteurs of the 20th Century. Frank Zappa was assited with his storytelling by The Turtles (Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan). These people are featured on such tracks as "Uncle Meat" "Mud Shark (on backing vocals)," "What kind of Girl Do You Think We Are?" and a few others.

    You listen to this album to hear a great story, not stellar musicanship. Although Zappa performed "Peaches en Regalia" and "Tears began to fall" as an encore, the storytelling is the main highlight of this terrific live album.

    Listen to a Great Story Today.

  11. Batman: I have all the albums, here's my list:

    Piper at the Gates of Dawn

    Saucerful of Secrets


    Ummagumma (live)

    Obscured by Clouds

    The Complete Zabriskie Point Sessions

    Smoking Blues

    Atom Heart Mother


    Dark Side of The Moon

    Momentary Lapse of Reason

    Division Bell

    The Final Cut

    Pulse (Live) 2 disc set

    The Delicate Sound of Thunder (Live) 2 disc set

    Who was Not Trained to Spit on the Fan (1977 live from Olumpic Stadium Montreal, Quebec, 7.6.77)

    Wish You Were Here

    Is Anybody out There (The Wall Live)

    The Wall


    Im not a big fan of compilations so I dont have Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd and A Collection of Dance Song ect....


    there's Pink Floyd not on the list shown above, inform me. (Except Extremely Rare Imports). I never no where to look to buy those obscure albums.

  12. Summer 68 IS THE BEST Pink Floyd song, possibly the best of alltime, of their varied and fulfilling music careers. YES, its better than Time, Comfortably Numb, Echoes, The Red Queen, Wish You Were Here, Dogs, and Jugband Blues.


    Rick Wright demostrates his tranquil voice and poignant lyricism during this song. These lyrics are unmatched in the following years of Pink Floyd's musical career. IF YOU DO NOT LOVE THIS song, YOU DO NOT truly love Pink Floyd. If you have Dark Side, WYWH, and the Wall. You are not a Pink Floyd fan. You need all the albums to love this band, and Atom Heart Mother in particular.

    NOTE: This a MY review I posted on Amazon.com You can read this review there and other reviews that I have written there as well. I probably will begin to repost my amazon.com reviews on this website so more poeple can read them. If you would like to use this review, you must have my consent of a particular review that I have written. email me at: urbanebrain00@yahoo.com

  13. Lets say theres an mp3 on one's computer.

    Let us say that one copies an mp3 from folder A and pastes the mp3 in folder B.

    Now the person burns the copy of mp3 in folder B onto a Audio Cd.

    Does copying a mp3 harm the song quality and do you "lose" something from the partiular tarck?


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