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  1. It's Up to You

    One song can spark a moment,

    One flower can wake the dream.

    One tree can start a forest,

    One bird can herald spring.

    One smile begins a friendship,

    One handclasp lifts a soul.

    One star can guide a ship at sea,

    One word can frame the goal.

    One vote can change a nation,

    One sunbeam lights a room.

    One candle wipes out darkness,

    One laugh will conquer gloom.

    One step must start each journey,

    One word must start each prayer.

    One hope will raise our spirits,

    One touch can show you care.

    One voice can speak with wisdom,

    One heart can know what's true.

    One life can make the difference,

    You see, IT'S UP TO YOU!

  2. I am the darkness

    You are a light,

    I am dull

    But you are brightness,

    Really, I am nothing without you.

    I am alone

    But you are not,

    I am cold

    But you are hot,

    Really, I am nothing without you.

    I am the Rain

    You are a Cloud,

    I am the wind

    But you are the Direction,

    Really, I am nothing without you.

    I am shy

    You are bold,

    When I am annoyed

    You are to hold,

    Really, I am nothing without you.

  3. ? Hope?

    Many pleasant moments

    Many pleasant days,

    Hope to live alone

    But not getting the ways.

    Thousands of dreams

    Thousands of stars,

    All are pleasant

    But all are far.

    May be I get you

    May be I accept you,

    After a long time

    Could I left you.

    There is one way

    There is one rope,

    To catch the wind

    To hold the hope.

    One is for me

    And one is for you,

    I don?t know ur path

    But mine is you.

    Zaeem Raza. Once Again Posting This.

  4. Don't lose ur hopes man.Cheer up.Life is full of enjoyment these things are just a little part of it.So enjoy life unless u lose it.Girls are for boys and boys are for girls, Its a fact that every1 will have to realise.Baqi Jaan g,Welldone Keep it up.Take good care of urself.

  5. I hope u?ll be fine

    Me fine here too

    I want to know you, but

    its difficult to catch the waves,

    I am a little shy

    You are a confident guy,but

    She always says too

    Its difficult to catch the waves,

    A story of true love

    A love of true hearts

    Can?t get the destination,Bcas

    Its difficult to catch the waves,

    Now a plan to live alone

    Not Going inside me

    I decided to buy a grave, but

    Its difficult to catch the waves.


  6. I love you

    Dear Near Friend of mine

    Your love is like a pure wine,

    I feel that you are so good to me

    And I am the one who try to be,

    May be you have some other skills

    U can kill a person with these skills,

    Me also a brand to kill

    Hey plz apply one of the skills,

    If I would be die for you

    My grave will say I Love You.

    ( Z.Khyal)

  7. Somedays I wander the streets and feel the cold wind,

    pushing me back and I know I have to keep pressing on

    Under my breath I mutter a word that I kept to myself,

    now nobody can say if they are feeling the same as I do

    Mental images projecting on the screen in my mind,

    they show me all the people I cannot be in a silouette

    I don't know why I say some of the things I say,

    sometimes I question my place in society but then I don't

    Show me a pair of dice and a place to throw them,

    I'll show you a person I don't really know who I am

    Smoke rises off the city skyscrapers that appear beyond,

    I grasp at reality and yet somewhere there is none

    I'll take care of business today and I won't even complain,

    I stop for a moment and say hello, hello to the stranger

    ALL ARE VERY GOOD :guitar:

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