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  1. Can any-one think of a song with some good lyrics linked to the word 'IMAGE'??? I've tried Evanescence and Christina's songs but are there any-more??? Thanks all!!! YJ40K
  2. Cheers but it don't say it on muse.mu but i'll check the others, thanks again...
  3. Welcome Zaeem, first, do you like the song 'cause it's one of my faves!!! But anyway, welcome to the jungle, we got fun and games...
  4. Does anyone know if Muse are going to be playing in Manchester at ANY time soon!?! :: In fact, ever??? I love the band!!! they're one of the greatest!!! The classics of the future!!!
  5. Linkin Park!!! Yay!!! They Rock!!! In the end, it doesn't even matter I've....*fades away*...
  6. Mine are, in no order: In The End-Linkin Park Faint-Linkin Park Breaking The Habbit-Linkin Park Numb-Linkin Park Smells Like Teen Spirit-Nirvana Time Is Running Out-Muse Brain Stew-Green Day Black Sun-The Cult Boulivard Of Broken Dreams-Green Day there you go!!!
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