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  1. Yo Jill! I wanted to go see that! damnit! Was it good? I'll knock over to ya tonight k love?
  2. You have already this posted! I'm afraid most people on SF seem to be American and prob have not heard of her! She is okay!
  3. You've all taken over my thread!! Teim go dti an songfacts agus thit me do thoin!
  4. Well good for you..They speak of wise words..Kill the children
  5. Thanks chickidee! You're deadly! Roger is a massive name too!
  6. Congrattles Elvish! How's about Leia? Or Caoimhe?
  7. How's a goin' uncle Joe! Thanks for the welcome!
  8. Howya Dan Thanks for the welcome! I'll watch out for him alright!
  9. Howya! Thank ya's! Miamisammy! Mairi! and Elvish! I like rock music and trance My favourites tho, are probably.. Faithless The Hives Guns and roses Led Zeppelin Dead k's feeder Depeche mode.. and Jillianne is introducing me to a band called The Manic Street Preachers :: So yeah thanks for the welcome lads
  10. Howya! I'm Lea, and I am friends with Jillianne! Erm..Nice to meet ya's! I'm from Dublin, Ireland and I love music.
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