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  1. tried to send this as an email, but it was returned: quota full - or something. I hope this is alright? hello: just revisited your site, and was pleasantly surprised to see the text to 'mama told me not to come' replaced by mine, submitted a couple months ago. I get no credit whatsoever, but who cares... something else: I think I asked you this before, but I'm not sure: I miss alex harvey and his song 'to make my life beautiful'. some may say it's sentimental slop, but I just LOVE it. good vibes and memories and all that. I have for you a truncated text unfit to publish, but it's a start, isn't it? here goes: ____________________________ alex harvey - to make my life beautiful the dawn ... reach cross the pillow where the face of an angel lies cradled in a nest of tangled hair and the smile of contentment on your face while you've been sleeping keeps me going makes me know just why I'm here and I don't believe you'll ever find the thought will ever cross my mind to leave I'd die from loneliness I need your onliness a place for my soul to rest yes I need your love to make my life beautiful the alarm clock rings at seven and I feel her/you stir beside me I hear your gentle footsteps on the floor I raise up from my pillow just in time to catch a small glimpse of a housecoat swishing through the kitchen door and I don't believe you'll ever find (etc) I watch my shavin' raises (?) ... smoothly on the face of a happy man who loves to live at home and the sweetest voice I ever heard is calling me to breakfast I don't know how I made it on my own and I don't believe... etc. _________________________________ ... and I still am mighty glad I discovered your site! regards, cris lelystad netherlands
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