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  1. taal86

    Songs about hospitals/surgery/illness

    Hi, a good song that I think is suitable is "Hospital Beds" by the Cold War Kids. Hospital Beds Great song that captures the frustration, hope and attempt to connect while in hospital. The singer calls for his pain to be relieved - 'put out the fire on us'...
  2. taal86

    2007 Music

    I don't know if I like the new silverchair direction. Best album so far is Kings of Leon's 'Because of the Times'. After following them from the first album, it is amazing to see their progress from album to album. The new one is a lot moodier if u know what I mean. Favourite tracks are Charmer (sounds pixies influenced), Mcfearless, Fans, True Love Way, Arizona, Camaro. Highly recommended. Also on the B-side to the single 'on call' - 'my third house' is great! Download it here: My Third House - Kings of Leon You can also check out some songs at their myspace: Kings myspace
  3. taal86

    Best bands from your hometown

    c_s_1987, don't forget perth's got: Sleepy Jackson John Butler Trio Little Birdy Eskimo Joe Jebediah brisbane has (or can claim): The Beegees Bernard Fanning The Go-Betweens Pete Murray Powderfinger Regurgitator The Saints Savage Garden Billy Thorpe Keith Urban
  4. taal86

    Rare finds!!

    For all you Zeppelin fans, found this absolute gem at youtube - its just audio though. It's an alternate studio version of In The Light from Physical Graffiti. Check out the really creepy opening!
  5. taal86

    The top acts from "Down Under"

    Yeah the Hoodoo Gurus are pretty good. A couple of years ago they redid their song "What's My Scene?" to "That's My Team" for thr NRL (National Rugby League) promos. "Like Wow Wipeout" is a great song as well. Another good band is The Sleepy Jackson from Perth named after their narcoleptic ex-drummer. Their website automatically plays their latest hit "God Lead Your Soul".
  6. taal86

    Songs with a spoken part

    Right now, right now, right now it's time to... kick out the jams motherf#$kers!!!
  7. taal86


    Hey guys, I finish my exams next week and am wanting to wind down with some trance, soft techno type music. Sorta like this. Does anyone know any good compilations? I'm currently downloading Ministry of Sound Chillout Sessions 2006. Need ideas to help me stop procrastinating and start studying... Cheers.
  8. taal86

    The top acts from "Down Under"

    Yeah Powderfinger don't seem to have taken off overseas. Bernard Fanning's solo stuff is pretty good as well. Some obvious ones in Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds & INXS. Check out; (band - popular hit) John Butler Trio - Hello, Zebra Spiderbait - Calypso, Black Betty silverchair - Cemetery, Freak Midnight Oil - Beds Are Burning, Power and the Passion
  9. taal86

    Your favourite one hit wonders

    Blind Melon may have only had one 'hit' but they had some great songs. Try 2x4, St. Andrews Fall, Soup, Galaxie and one of my favs Three Is A Magic Number. Also their Zeppelin cover of Out On The Tiles is better than the original IMHO.
  10. taal86

    Takes one to know one

    I agree - what a loser! Instead of admiring a humanitarian like MJ, let's celebrate the Jim Morrisson's (arrested for underage sex, public exposure) and the Keith Richards (weak minded druggo).
  11. taal86

    Takes one to know one

    Wow, you must have great faith in your country's legal system. If you really think you can go commit that crime and get off, go ahead. According to you criminals are getting off left, right and centre. The man has done more for society than you ever will, yet let's all spit on him. No wonder the world is going down the fkn toilet.
  12. taal86

    Takes one to know one

    Isn't it amazing how everyone is so quick to put this man down, yet when he is shown not to be the big, evil freak there is not a peep from any of these cheap jokers who like to kick a man when he's down. Hmmmmmm
  13. taal86

    MJ Cleared....Again

    Jackson cleared of animal mistreatment Thursday Jan 19 05:59 AEDT AP - Animals are not being mistreated at Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch, federal officials have concluded. The US Department of Agriculture sent an inspector to the 2600-acre ranch in Central California last month in response to a complaint from People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. PETA based its complaint on European media and tabloid reports (very respectable companies to be sure) that animals are being kept in substandard conditions. "I'm unaware of any violations of the Animal Welfare Act at Neverland," Darby Holladay, a spokesman with the USDA in Washington, DC, told the Santa Barbara News-Press. Brian Oxman, a lawyer for Jackson, welcomed the USDA's determination. "That's very nice and we appreciate it," he told the newspaper. Lisa Wathne, PETA's captive exotic animals specialist, said the group did not try to confirm the tabloid reports before making its complaint. "Because Neverland is not open to the public, it's very difficult to get information about the place. But when we hear accusations like that — and many accusations — we have to take note," she said, the News-Press reported. Jackson's ranch has been home to elephants, giraffes, snakes, orangutans, tigers and a crocodile. Wathne said PETA plans to file a similar complaint with the US Fish and Wildlife Service because African elephants and orangutans are protected under the federal Endangered Species Act. ©AAP 2005 They just don't give up, do they?
  14. taal86

    Big Day Out

    I missed out on the Gold Coast tickets, and people are selling tix for like $250 in the paper so I scrapped that idea. Instead me and my sister are roadtripping to Sydney (from Brisbane) to see Kings of Leon at Enmore Theatre. Should be awesome.......
  15. taal86

    Songs of social conscience

    Off the top of my head, hope it helps: What's Going On, Marvin Gaye about war/racism In The Ghetto, Elvis Presley about poverty