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  1. OK, here's a few from the New Jersey music scene from the 60's to present: Manitoba Specimen, Fig Newton & The Wizards, Cottage Cheese Funeral, Dr. Zoom & The Sonic Boom (featuring Bruce Springsteen...really!), The Swingin' Johnsons, Disgruntled Postal Workers, The Barking Spiders, Gay Bikers On Acid, Blue Sparks From Hell, Yawn, The Nerds, Screaming Broccoli, We're Not Brothers, and (drum roll please) my band, The Fossil Brothers (www.fossilbrothers.com) A few others that actually gained some national prominence and, in some cases, served as as a springboard for artists that we
  2. "Out Of The Blue" was the last really great Electric Light Orchestra album. I kinda lost interest in them after that. I actually prefered their earlier stuff. "Showdown", "10538 Overture", "Roll Over Beethoven","Ma-Ma-Ma Belle", "First Movement(Jumpin' Biz)", all great pieces of music from their first three albums, which were not all that successful commercially. The big breakthrough was the 4th album "Eldorado". They got a bit too disco-y for me later on. But Jeff Lynne wrote some great stuff for ELO. A bit of history is in order. As Edna pointed out, ELO evolved from legendary Birmingham,
  3. OK, here goes...this is probably more like a "desert island disc" list as it's personal faves: 1. THE BEATLES- "Sgt. Pepper" 2. THE BEACH BOYS- "Pet Sounds" 3. THE MOVE- "Shazam" 4. MOBY GRAPE- self titled 1st LP 5. THE WHO- "Live At Leeds"(extended CD version) 6. MICKEY JUPP- "Juppanese" 7. BRIAN WILSON- presents "SMILE" 8. PINK FLOYD- "Dark Side Of The Moon" 9. BOB DYLAN- "Highway 61 Revivited" 10.LARRY NORMAN- "Only Visiting This Planet"
  4. Gosh, there's so many...lots of folks mentioned the various Beatles guesting on other artists records. But, in the late 60's & early 70's they couldn't use their real names due to legal problems going on at the time. So, John Lennon was "Dr. Winston O'Boogie"...George Harrison was "L'Angelo Mysterioso"...Ringo Starr was "Ritchie Snare"...not sure if Paul McCartney had a fake name. He was the one initiating a lot of the legal action so maybe he didn't need one. But he sang background vocals on Ringo's cover of "You're Sixteen". Ringo & George both were on Leon Russell's excellent debut
  5. I've been a Pink Floyd fan since 1967. Their earlier stuff has always been more interesting to me than their later stuff. After "Dark Side..." they seemed to me to lose a bit of their creative edge. I saw the "Atom heart Mother" suite performed live at the Fillmore East in 1970 with full orchestra & choir and it was amazing. So that album remains a favorite. "Fat Old Sun" from that album is a great Floyd song that never gets heard. "Fearless" from the "Meddle" album is great too. And, of course, Pink Floyd's first album "Piper At The Gates Of Dawn" with original guitarist/singer/songwriter
  6. Whatever is available by Roy Wood or The Move can be ordered thru either of the web sites I previously posted if you can't find what you want in local shops. I would think your favorite CD store could order "Outstanding Performer" for you if they don't stock it.
  7. Edna (and anyone else interested) As we speak, there is an attempt being made to assemble a definative 2 CD anthology of Roy Wood's post-Move recorded output that will hopefully include EMI material. But perhaps not as there have been some problems recently with obtaining rights to use that material. Two years ago The Move's "Message From The Country" album and Roy Wood's solo album "Boulders" were both slated to be reissued on CD with previously unreleased bonus material but the projects have stalled indefinately. There was a previous attempt at a 2 CD R.W. anthology a few years ago titled
  8. Yeah, "..Fool.." is a great, catchy tune from Roy's 2nd solo LP "Mustard" (literally solo, played & sang everything)and it is very Spector-ish. So was a lot of the Wizzard stuff. That song can be found on a cool CD compilation issued last year on the Sanctuary label titled "Roy Wood: Outstanding Performer" which focuses on his later material, spanning the years 1974-1987. The sound quality is amazing, really nicely done. Highly recommended to anyone here who may be curious about him as a result of this dicussion. It should be pretty easy to find. A lot of his & The Move's records &
  9. Hi Edna, Thanks for the reply. Nice to know there are a few folks out there who know about Roy Wood & The Move. Actually, Roy & Jeff Lynne made 3 albums together, if you include the first Electric Light Orch. album: with The Move "Looking On" (1970), "Message From The Country" (1971) and ELO's "No Answer" (late 1971). The 1st ELO album was actually recorded in between sessions for the 2 Move albums. In fact, ELO's first single, "10538 Overture", started out as an aborted Move single "B" side written by Jeff. Roy started overdubbing cello parts and it became the lead off track on the
  10. Howdy, this is my first post here. I've been a huge fan of The Move, and the band's leader Roy Wood, since the 60's. Very big in the UK but just a cult following here in the US. Just wondering if anyone in this discussion forum has ever heard of them. As a point of interest, they morphed into The Electric Light Orch. who, of course, became a hit machine in the 70's. Wood left after their 1st LP & went on to major success, again just in the UK, with Wizzard & a solo career. Made whole albums all by himself, playing all the instruments. Currently leads an 11 pc. big band in the UK calle
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