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  1. Fidelityfiend is right...my dad told me...your turn
  2. People Who Should Never Wear Revealing Clothing and here's a classic: BTW...Thanks for resizing the picture, Sara. I couldn't figure out how to do it
  3. I'm pretty sure there was another thread about this that Lizzie started. I'm not sure where it is but i'll look for it.
  4. Industrialized Breakfastware let me find an album cover...just a sec
  5. I really like Sublime. My brother owns their self-titled album and it is awesome. You should check it out. Some of their most popular songs are on that CD.
  6. Don't worry Sue! I didn't give anything away.
  7. I actually really like the show. It's getting very interesting and a lot of twists and mysteries are occuring. One of the wives is having an affair with her 17 year-old gardener. Which is ironic because the boy is in the Abstinence Club at his school. Another one of the wives is having marriage problems but she is so perfect that she has to hide it from everyone. And the other wife is on her kids' ADD medication because she can't keep up with everything that she has to do. It's a funny show but at the same time interesting and eventful.
  8. And my brother's car broke down so we can't get it until my parents come home THey'll probably be ALL OUT by the time we get there .. i think i'm going to cry
  9. Does anyone know what song is on the hp digital camera commercial? I really like it but I can't figure out what it is. The commercial is this guy who has a whole bunch of frames and he keeps putting them over his face to make a picture. Hard to explain... :: I can't really understand the lyrics, but I made out a couple lines: "pictures of your mama" and "a long time ago." Does anyone know what it is? :: Thanks for your help!
  10. I'm going to have to say "Tears in Heaven" by Eric Clapton. If you think the lyrics are sad, the story behind it is totally devastating.
  11. It's coming out tomorrow everyone!!! :happybanana: I am soooo excited!
  12. I would have to agree with Daniel. Mr. Brightside is an awesome song and it doesn't seem to get old, unlike Somebody Told Me.
  13. ...sorry Daniel that's not who I was thinking of either OK...here's a major major hint I picked him for a tribute to his Hall of Fame induction
  14. I wasn't thinking of him but here's a good clue: Eric Clapton called him "the greatest living guitarist."
  15. Here it goes: 1. Began music career in Louisiana in the 1950s 2. Muddy Waters was mentor 3. First album came out on Chess Records but had a few singles on another label a couple years before
  16. yay!!! OK..you can't come home now and shout at me for looking it up. I only looked up the first one. I knew there was an old movie named White Zombies and I knew that they used to have a guitarist named J. Now I have to come up with one
  17. A Christmas Story "best line ever" (lights go out) "DON'T ANYBODY MOVE!!" we watch this movie every christmas! it's a-m-a-z-i-n-g
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