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  1. Those 2 sentences (or whatever they are) could be made into something really good. Add more to that!
  2. I thought they were all really good. "Amber Sky" was my favorite, but I'm sure if I liked "Alone", but it does show that you have talent
  3. It's definately THE Killers. Their pretty big here in Canada right now, so I'm surprised that some of you may not know them...check out "Mr.Brightside" and "Jenny Was a Friend of Mine". My two fav tracks by them. "Somebody Told Me" is really really REALLY overplayed where I am, and most people are sick of it
  4. I'm definately gonna check that out! ::
  5. What happened to the part of the site where you could request songs for Songfacts to research? Anybody know? :: :: :: ::
  6. I agree completely. Definately over-played, but come on, how can you say this song is bad? :: Momma Mia! Momma Mia!
  7. I am no song writer or anything, but it seems more like a slow song to me...maybe tighten up a few screws in there, get a good guitar going...or you could go from soft to more hardcore at the end...that'd be cool if you played around with it a bit
  8. Thats really wicked :guitar:
  9. If they have more Jimi material, then put it out for sale I say...un-bootleg it?
  10. I feel really bad for him! I mean, obviously he has some attachment to the damn thing so it's gotta be a little devastating. I literally gasped in shock when I heard this. Like, the kind of gasp you do when you find out 15 people have been massed murdered...thats how I reacted to a stolen hat... (the murdering part isn't funny though)
  11. make it four! :bow:KISS:bow: p.s ashlee really truely sucks. There's even a STOP ASHLEE petition. Just google it and sign it I did.
  12. I'm glad you brought this band up! Carry On Wayward Son is an AMAZING SONG! I absolutely love it, and if you haven't listened to, I recommend you do. Also, Dust in the Wind is great. In Old School, Will Ferrel sings it at Blue's funeral I think. I haven't heard any other songs by them though...any recommedations?
  13. THATS AWESOME! I love Jim Morrison...how closely are you related to him?
  14. In no order... 1. Thunderstruck 2. Big Balls 3. Back in Black 4. Hells Bells 5. T.N.T 6. Highway To Hell 7. Who Made Who 8. You Shook Me All Night Long 9. It's A Long Way To The Top 10. What Do You Do For Money Honey?
  15. Fellow Canadians! Are any of you, or any people you know going to the Velvet Revovler concert in Ottawa? My 2 friends are going...wish i was. motley crue was also in Ottawa recently...
  16. What IS this thread about? Expensive ugly shoes?
  17. Twist and Shout- The Beatles Run To The Hills- Iron Maiden Rock n' Roll- Led Zeppelin Bloody Well Right- Supertramp Paradise City- GNR I Wanna Be Sedated- The Ramones Rock the Casbah- The Clash Heart of Gold- Neil Young Who Are You?- The Who :happybanana: :guitar:
  18. The first time I hear the song "somebody Told Me" by The Killers, I thought I for sure misheard the lyrics: "Somebody Told Me, That You Had a Boyfriend, That Looks Like A Girlfriend That I Had In Feburary Of Last Year" haha but I heard the lyrics just perfect...
  19. if there are, then I'm ordering. None of the current music magazines interest me at all, but if there was a mag that only focused on old music, I'd definatetly buy it. :guitar:
  20. maybe swearing should be censored...I see the need for that, but when peoples thoughts and beliefs get censored, I dont think thats right.
  21. Find out the most unsafe cities in Canada eh! = = =
  22. AHAHA I just saw the skit with that quote in it a couple of weeks ago and I love it!
  23. good stuff! glad to see people gettin that cd!
  24. ~Oh Mickey Your So Fine, Your So Fine You Blow My Mind, Hey Mickey!~ ahahahaha good call!
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