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  1. Sorry, I didn't recognize the names. Obviously I know of the bands Aerosmith and Black Sabbath. Jeeeeeeeezzzzzeeee
  2. haha well I don't think I would be able to recognize it... brad you darn post hog
  3. Here's the last one for tonight, because I'm off to bed! I'm hoping this one is going to be a bit tougher...
  4. Brad you've moved from my good list, to my great list Ok, so... earth-angel: 11 brad37732: 5
  5. Unfortunately...no. It's just a funny theme song is all ::
  6. I'm just browsing some of my friends MSN Messenger profiles and I have come across some names I don't reconize. I now that they are muscians though. I was wondering if you guys good give me a little bit of info about them...what band they played in, when they came out, ect. Here are the names: Yngwie Malmsteen Zakk Wylde Tony Iommi Joe Perry Thats it. Thanks!
  7. Anyone know the Benny Hill theme song? Well, it belongs to me now. ::
  8. God save the queen her fascist regime it made you a moron a potential H bomb ! God save the queen she ain't no human being there is no future in England's dreaming Don't be told what you want don't be told what you need there's no future no future no future for you God save the queen we mean it man we love our queen god saves God save the queen cos tourists are money and our figurehead is not what she seems Oh god save history god save your mad parade Oh lord god have mercy all crimes are paid When there's no future how can there be sin we're the flowers in the dustbin we're the poison in your human machine we're the future your future God save the queen we mean it man we love our queen god saves God save the queen we mean it man there is no future in England's dreaming No future for you No future for me No future no future for you Sex Pistols
  9. EVERYONE knows My Sharona! Jeeeeze. It's awesome too! :guitar:
  10. earth-angel is rakin' up the points! She now has 11! :happybanana: Good Work, here comes another...
  11. Here's the next one! I know I know, it may be too easy...but I like it ::
  12. Well actually say the name!!! I haven't been on here that long to know these things! Jeeze. Ok, so everyone's guess after Earth-Angel doesn't count. I'll give Earth-Angel an extra point because I didn't realize she got it right Earth-Angel-6
  13. haha well..it COULD be a He or it COULD be a She. Come on!!! British. Drummer. Dead. (hint hint hint)
  14. Anyone have any clue? Guesses will get you 1 point I'll give a hint: He/She is British and a drummer.
  15. I'll start with an easy one... Don't try and find the link and be all tricky...it ruins the fun!
  16. Ok, here's how it goes: I put a picture of a muscian up. You guess who it is. Whoever guesses correct gets 5 points. If no one can get it I will give a clue, and for every clue I give, one point will be deducted from the 5. You may think it's going to be easy...Here come's the first one
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