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  1. Tinker, ask your acquaintance what they meant by that remark. That's a fair question. What that song means to him or her could be totally different than what it means to someone else, even the song writer. Personally, I find it irritating when people make remarks like that and then won't explain...you can't tell if they're flirting with you or insulting you.
  2. MMM...is it about the complicated relationship between Judas Iscariot and Jesus Christ?
  3. The song that never fails to make me 'squirm in my seat' is "Fire" by Bruce Springsteen.
  4. Yes, I read somewhere that the owner of a record store had come forward saying that he overheard Courtney trying to hire someone to murder Kurt. Who knows if it's true...the guy could have his own motives for lying about this. Kurt was trying to have her removed as beneficiary of his will. I believe he had an appointment with his lawyer? I don't know...from what I've seen of Courtney, she doesn't look as if she has it together enough to walk across the street by herself, much less plan a murder. Who knows? ::
  5. Lets not forget The Carpenters! Specifically, "Close to You". When I was young, I used to hide their albums under my bed when my friends came over. It was definately not cool to admit one listened to the Carpenters. :happybanana:
  6. I think we're all thinking the same thing. Sounds like "Time" from "The Dark Side of The Moon", Pinkfloyd's masterpiece.
  7. ...there is a story behind this song? Everytime I hear it I "wonder" ...
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