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  1. Don't Rock The Boat-Hues Corperation The Wreck Of The Edmond Fitzgerald~Gordon Lightfoot Ship Of Fools~Led Zepplin Ship Of Fools~Bob Seger Calipso~John Denver
  2. Girls School~Wings Rock And Roll High School~Ramones Teacher Teacher~38 Speacial
  3. We're An American Band~Grand Funk Railroad :guitar:
  4. Living After Midnight 25 or 6 to 4 Cat Sratch Fever Oh Pretty Women Rock & Roll A'int Noise Pollution Crazy Train Smoke On The Water Iron Man Tush Sweet Home Alabama Jumping Jack Flash Just a few off the top of my head, but it's been awhile since I've picked it up LOL :guitar:
  5. Hey Strange thats great. Get to Goose On The Lake if you can you won't regret it. I can show you the way if you've never been before. Heck I'm just up the road at Morgantown. ::
  6. Hey Heather. You're right on that one for sure. I haven't missed a GOTL yet. I bet we've met a time or two. I go by barry1us at the goose site! :: GBWY!
  7. Behind Blue Eyes~The Who Vincent~Don McClain Nights In White Satin~Moody Blues Lucky Man~Emerson,Lake & Palmer
  8. Run Run Rudalph~Chuck Berry Little St. Nick~Beach Boys Come Home For Christmas~ Eagles
  9. If you don't check this one out , your'e missing out on some real good music
  10. Yes Peaches I recommend the CD "Words Of Earnest". Is their best in my book, also the CD "Going Home" is a good one. I own ten of their Cd's and I do like them all. Thanks Edna for the info on this site. I believe I'm gonna like it here!
  11. It might be a song by Hall & Oates titled Wait For Me ~1979
  12. I was just wondering if anyone here has ever heard of this band or am I the only Goosehead here.
  13. Some Gave All~Billy Ray Cyrus Fighting Side of Me~Merel Haggard God Bless The USA~ Lee Greenwood ::
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