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  1. thanks soulgirl thats right. they r def not hippies. nowt like it at all. www.modculture.com is the best to explain all in comparison to the rockers. basically it was a new decade but nothing had changed and they were bored as hell. they needed something new for their generation and so created their own music and culture. unlike the rockers who were still living back in the 50's with elvis and suchlike. the mods saw them as boring!!
  2. yep! just messing replying to her post. see i set this was criteria! lol
  3. although i was only a young child at the time i can see how kurt may have badly influenced others. he certainly made suicide look like an easy way out when he should have stayed ihn this world and fought for himself if not his daughter.
  4. its popular music and youth culture. mine is the mods and rockers. the criteria is to put out questions on message boards as it is secondary research. if you have names of any other message boards that would be useful or whatever please let me know. i mean i could email pete townshend himself but somehow i dont think hed reply!!
  5. yep its def led zep. my mam told me but unsure of the title sorry!
  6. just guessing but i got a hunch that u may be a bit of a music snob. anyway if you've got nothing helpful to say for my project then dont bother
  7. Liv


    Hey i agree but putting some question out on message boards and that is part of the criteria im afraid!!
  8. Well you see that would be because i'm studying mods and rockers for my A2 media thanks!Oh and i ahppen to like a wide range of music including The Who and not just Greenday.
  9. Mod or fraud!? From original Mods only please!!
  10. Liv


    What did this movie mean to you?
  11. yo yo yo!! Its Liv. I was only a baby but his death made me crap my nappy i tell thee! love ya! xx
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