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  1. Happy Birthday,Marc ! :guitar: :pianist:
  2. Thanks,guys, and my congrats to Carl as well. My thanks again to all for sticking it out through another long season, and to Phil for giving me a close run for the money that went right to the last week. Kept it exciting, and glad there wasn't another couple of weeks to go! A pretty unusual season to win ,imo. Had to play 'Billy Ball' for most of it as I was dealt a starting roster of B players mostly -few big stars to speak of at all. However, got really lucky with many early pick-ups this year and nearly all surprisingly played well enough throughout the season to pull it off, which is pretty rare. Inconsistency and surprising slumps from many stars on other rosters helped me big-time , as well. Unlikely to replicate that kind of season again, but I'll take it ! :sing1:
  3. Happy Birthday, Lucky ! :guitar: :pianist:
  4. Happy Birthday, Joe ! :guitar: :pianist:
  5. Hey all. Been poking around the football page and ,strangely, it seems that my page is showing no results or standings for week 1. May just be a glitch on my page, but did we miss out on week 1 ?
  6. Hope you had a great Birthday ,Laurie ! :guitar:
  7. You may want to send a quick message to Ronjon and Carl. They've always played ( and I'm sure they will again ) but may need a direct reminder.Give them a day or two at most to respond at least. It would be cool to have 10 teams if we could get them. Not much trading (or dropping even as the best are dealt out already) ever happens at first anyway so we can wait til near game day.
  8. Eyegore's Eyesores are in . If we do end up with an odd number again though ,Rocky ,I'm willing to sit this season out-got a pretty busy fall and winter ahead of me . Just go ahead and delete me if necessary to draft.
  9. Happy Birthday ,Steel ! :guitar:
  10. Here comes Big Bad Phil , ready to blast into first place anyday now ! The way his batters are producing, he hardly even needs pitching - yet he's even getting that . My bunch of seem to have finally run out of gas... Gonna have to come up with some kinda plan ( read: desperate moves) soon , perhaps .
  11. To hold your hand 'cause you are as freaked out and unsettled by that information as I am ? Could be made up for all I know. No problem, bud -as I haven't a clue what it means , nor can bring my mind around to want to know as well . For Rocky if it still applies: The word 'honeymoon' has it's origin in the ancient practice of the bride's father providing the groom with mead for a full cycle of the moon from the time of marriage .Hope those kegs have been rolling in daily , Rocky .
  12. Always a possibility,Phil. Seems the comments above about him have turned out to be partly accurate at least , but he still has had a couple quality starts ( and wins ) since the break. It seems , however , the Mets are beginning to fall apart now , so wins may be harder to get from hereon in . Make me an offer. Who's got Ichiro now , btw ? I'd be willing to trade and bet his performance as a Yankee now will pick up .
  13. Enjoy the All-Star break , everyone .We still have a good race going on in points with only a couple players going to have to turn it on a bit more to keep up . A good place to be at for the half-way point. With more players coming off the DL and some early slumpers hitting midseason form , should be a close race to the end and still lots of opportunities to move up in the standings . How's the head to head going at this point ?
  14. Same here (using Mac) , and with that internet virus/problem I've been hearing about set to go on Monday ,I just thought I'd let it be . No warning this time though-straight to the site .
  15. Happy Birthday , Laurie ! ...er... Shawna! :guitar:
  16. Yeah . Missoula girls are easy -all you need to know . Maybe try to wear a clean shirt or such if you can muster one up , or shower , but not mandatory ( you'll be J-Zee in their eyes )...pretend you are in W.Virginia, if that helps ...just agree with all the guys with an emphatic ' hell , yeah ' , as you tune out most of what they are saying and you are golden
  17. Well , that 'best team on paper ' is starting to act that way , Phil .I think June has been your month with your bunch either leading the day or near the top on most of them so far. I do have to thank you for dropping R.A Dickey though. Got him at just the right time ,I think . Wonder how long that will last though -he is a Met , after all .Actually , without lucky pick ups that have performed surprisingly well , I'd be way back in the midst of things for sure . That's not usually how it goes , and little remains of my original draft . Knocking on some serious wood here !
  18. Oh ,somewhere Thoreau is weeping ,Shawna , and then likely applauding nature foiling your efforts forcing you to 'rough it ' and laughing his arse off ! Don't forget to check for ticks ,now . I'm guessing Bear Grylls and you wouldn't hit it off too well, either,( though he likely has a dish) .
  19. Oh , nothing more than the satisfaction to plant that lil devil in the ground once and for all -and no cheating which eventually leads back to regular smoking again . Plus , if the Mormons are right, and I can quit coffee and booze too , I've got another possible 'escape' route , perhaps ...
  20. Quite right ,Marc , what was I thinking ? Somebody's been watching some survival shows or movies ...
  21. Don't spend too much -they may never get them . ; )Is it even worth putting up a tree and decorations this year ?!? -Show up at work on time just for once to see how it feels .
  22. Congrats ,radiogoddess ! And I will announce that Brad is also sending a t-shirt to Kevin just because he's a great guy !
  23. As you all well know , the Mayan calendar will end on the 21st of December this year which , of course , means that the world -as we know it - will end. Now , as if we didn't already have enough to do before then ! Let's get our priorities in order, and list of things to do before then : - Gonna throw out some books that have been collecting dust and will never read again ,I'm sure. - Going to quit smoking -again . -Will tell the wife how she 'really ' looks in an outfit before we go out .
  24. ...or is he ?!?! Knowing full well that the internet would and could never be used for shameless self-promotion, I still came across this item just now : http://www.examiner.com/article/vanilla-ice-dead-rumor-a-hoax-rapper-says-he-s-alive-on-twitter On another note , it appears clear now that Elvis ,Micheal Jackson and Whitney Houston are in fact dead .There have been no Tweets to the contrary, which is proof enough these days. Therefore ,I am declaring JR(ownsdega ) officially dead as well. Only a Tweet or a post can save you now , son !
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