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  1. Could someone please make an announcement soon to the membership about the current status of the site ? People are eager to begin using it, if possible, but would like to know with some sort of official word from you as to what they can/ cannot or should/ shouldn't do presently.

    By all means, please remove the barriers erected by katie, edna and myself and replace them with messages bearing your names as I'm sure this would be much more reassuring to all.

    Thank you.

  2. Announcement : To all playing this game today

    Due to a glitch in the system (?) this thread may disappear if someone posts ahead of it. You will be able to find it at the back of the listing of "Fun and Games", ( around pg. 42 or so ! ) and continue to play as normal. You will then launch the thread to the top of the list , as expected. As long as the game is not pre-empted by another post, it will remain as the most recent post and you will see it accordingly. If not, go to the back and search. A real pain, but I hope it's temporary.

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