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    Here are my suggestions: Nirvana - MTV Unplugged in New York Pink floyd - Animals The Cranberries - No Need To Argue The Cranberries - Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? Aimee Mann, Various artists - Magnolia: Music from the Motion Picture Velvet Underground - Velvet Underground & Nico Coldplay - Parachutes
  2. Do songs "Take me out", "Matinee", "This Fire", and maybe others have several versions? I just saw videos for these songs, and the songs were a bit different than what I've heard. E.g. on "Take me out" there was a line "I want you to take me out", but I haven't heard that one on the version I have.
  3. It says here on Songfacts that this video is one continuous shot, but I just saw the video, and it definitely isn't one shot. Are there maybe several versions of the video, or is the "one continuous shot" fact false?
  4. Thanks a lot, earth-angel. I've been trying to find out the name of the song for oh so long. And thanks for the quick response.
  5. I've seen a commercial here in Croatia, and I'd like to find out which song plays in it. It is a commercial for "Sony Ericsson k700i with Quick share". If you've seen it, you'll know which commercial I'm talking about. It has split-screen, and on one side is a girl, while on the other is a boy, and they both use this mobile. At the end of the commercial they put both halves together. Please, if anyone knows the song from that commercial, and the artist, I'd be very grateful.
  6. Does anyone know why twenty one? I mean, of all the numbers... Is there any significance in the number 21?
  7. Does anyone else think the piano intro from "Clocks" is similar to a piano chorus from someone else's song? It just sounds very familiar to me, but I don't know if it's the same chorus, a similar one, or I am way off. I somehow thought it's from a song by U2, or Oasis, or someone like that... I'm not asking this because I think Coldplay stole the chorus, but I just want to put this feeling of familiarity to rest. So, does anyone know which song that might be?
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