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  1. Hi there, No problem, always ready to improve, so any feedback welcome. What was wrong? Cheers, Dan
  2. Hi! Ta for the welcome... didn't pretend to offend anyone. I'll watch my language from now on. Sorry about that. Yes, that's a problem when you've got the same song or group on and on everywhere... Just turn it off if the song is worthy. It's easy. It gets spoilt after a while that's true. Now, I'm just playing Thirsty Merc all the time.. Aussie music! Their sound is a bit dirty, not so clean as John Mayer or Maroon5, but they are brilliant. Dan
  3. Hi mates! How are ya goin? I'm new over here, so first of all, hi everybody. I know this is an old topic, but it's funny how music works... Some 4 months I discovered over here (Spain) Maroon5, and I really thought they were fuckin good, of course, over here nobody was payin any attention to them. Then I spent some 3 months in Australia and over there they are really famous. In the meantime, discovered John Mayer (also quite famous in Australia) and he is fantastic, then came back home and Maroon5, now, after 4 months are famous over here, but the funny thing is to check that John Mayer and
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