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  1. Hey, I'm a 17 year old audiophile. I live in Canada and listen to everything. From Boston to Bach, no matter what decade or genre, I'm in, I live for music and I'm 1st trombone in my school band. Just recently got into a band called Trapt. Great band, check em out. Also, check out some Christian music too. There is Christian punk, rock, rap, and some hard core stuff. Don't judge because it's Christian. www.starfieldonline.com Check it out!
  2. Great up-and-coming Christian rock act. Signed by Sparrow Records. Great rock tone and lyrics. Canadian, to boot. Check out www.starfieldonline.com !! Awesome band! :guitar:
  3. Amanda by Boston (Third Stage) would work too. Although he tells her, its how he can't hold it in any longer :guitar:
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