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  1. From what you saw, was it real or was it fake?
  2. Any of you Songfacts Members can vote, as well as post what you think you heard in the end of this song.
  3. Do you perhaps know which albums these were on? This way, it'll be easier for ITunes to determine how to come by these recordings.
  4. I wonder if I could request these on ITunes. However, I don't know exactly if they're available on an album or what they're available on. Since ITunes requests usually ask you for an album title in addition to the artist, song title, and record company's name.
  5. Is it true that Michael Jackson was fake-sobbing on "She's Out Of My Life"? Or was he really crying tears? One person said that Michael Jackson was just a grown man fake-sobbing in a song, while Quincy Jones said "He cried at the end of every take.", which apparently was implying that the sobbing was real. However, I'm not sure which one to believe, though to me, the crying sounded like he was for real.
  6. I'm one of those who would rather go back to the classic search. I tried this new search, and I was very disappointed that some of the information that came up was definitely irrelevant to what I'm really trying to find. So, can we please go back to the old search?
  7. That's because I live at my mother's house, and my mother and stepfather can't afford to put digital boxes in all of our rooms. By the way, I also live with my sister and brother.
  8. The problem is, I don't have VH1 classic on the TV that's in my bedroom. Though we might have it on the TV in our living room, since we have over 600 channels on that particular TV. We have Comcast Digital Cable.
  9. Teddy Pendergrass was so loved by lots of people. He was even ordained a priest when he was 12 years old. Isn't that amazing? On a side note, my Grandfather, Leonard, The grandfather on my Stepmom's side, had colon cancer. What a coincidence. However, we didn't know it until he was dead, age 79. I believe 59 is too young to die. My Grandfather on my father's side, Robert Daniel Morison, Sr., sadly whom I never got the chance to meet, passed away in 1978, 6 years before I was born. He was 56 years old when he died on a golf course in Cocoa Beach, Florida. His cause of death was a heart attack. It makes me wonder, has this become a trend through the years, that people die so young?
  10. So I'm wondering if there's any sellers that have leftover copies that are new and still sealed. I checked on Ebay, and one of the sellers has one that's "Used, like New", but the bidding time has just ended. What do I do next?
  11. I've purchased a few items that were marketed as "Used, Like New", through Amazon.com's third-party Sellers, and strangely enough, when I analyzed them, I discovered they were in fact pirated! These were mainly Disney DVD's that were from the "Limited Issue" series. I wonder, how do people get away with that?
  12. That's the one. However, I'm confused. When they say "Good Condition", do they mean something like "Used, like new"? Maybe they mean, "Still Sealed"? I'm confused.
  13. Farin I think you might be a bit confused. I was looking for the DVD that's part of the "Classic Albums" series of documentaries, not the album on CD.
  14. I'm interested in purchasing "Classic Albums: Stevie Wonder: Songs In The Key Of Life". However, I've been in contact with Nathaniel Oberstein, the lead customer service representative of Eagle Rock Entertainment in New York, and he told me that, not only did Rhino Entertainment release this particular episode of the "Classic Albums" series, but that this particular title has long since been out of print. I've checked with http://www.amazon.com, and it says that a new copy of this DVD costs at least $198 through a third-party seller. Is there a way I can get an authentic, new, factory-sealed copy for a cheaper price than $198?
  15. When I was listening to the Descriptive Video version of Aladdin, during the end credits, the description narrator said that "A Whole New World" performed by Peabo Bryson and Regina Bell was produced by Walter Afanasieff and Robby Buchanan. I know that both Walter and Robby are keyboard players, but which one played keyboards on "A Whole New World"? And, how would I contact either of them, since I want to find out exactly what kind of keyboard it was that was played on that version of the song. I know it was some kind of electric piano sound, but which kind I'm not sure.
  16. I had seen the original version of "Michael Jackson's Secret Childhood" when it first aired on VH1 in 2005, and I was wondering, will it ever be released on DVD? Nowadays, they have a downloadable video version on Youtube, which unfortunately is not the same as the original. Here's how it's not the same. 1. Instead of Dave Walsh as the narrator, they've replaced him with a woman with a British accent. 2. The downloadable video version doesn't have the full version of the story that was in the written transcript as narrated by Dave Walsh. Will the company that manages this title ever release it on DVD? That is, the original version as narrated by Dave Walsh?
  17. I hope his hip surgery didn't come with any complications. I've heard some people have complications during and after surgery. Some people even die from such complications. For example, Bobby Darrin, when he died of complications from heart surgery. I guess hip replacement is different from that. Either way, I feel for Steve, and I sure hope he can still let his voice ring out to the world. I remember on "Behind The Music", Steve did say that he sure misses performing.
  18. You're kidding, right? And, the capital h wasn't referring to God, I am an atheist by the way. I capitalize the titles of all of my posts. It's something I learned in language arts, always capitalize titles, for example, the title of a post in a forum.
  19. I am a big big fan of Journey, and I would sure love to see a reunion of their 1981-1997 lineup. I remember hearing "Journey Behind The Music" on VH1, and when it came to the part where Jonathan Cain broke down and cried, I really wanted so badly to come over there and give him a big hug. I wanted to tell him, "I feel for you, and I know the feeling when it comes to losing a friend or a loved one." I lost a couple of friends this year. One was a very kind man named Tim Moran, who was my mother's age, 49, when he passed away this year on Presidents' Day. He had a heart attack, and he sure left behind a big legacy. Some say what gave him a heart attack was, giving his heart out to the community in Eugene and Springfield, Oregon. Unfortunately for him, he was a divorced father of five children. Another friend I lost was a woman named Diane Koening. Diane was a few years younger than my Grandmother, who is now 71. Diane died in June of this year. Unfortunately her cause of death is still being determined, as she had diabetes when she was living, and she had a troubled time with ulcers. Diane used to cut my hair, and I'll never forget the times when she and I would sing to each other. Diane told me she wasn't the best of singers, but I sure thought it was cute when we both sang to each other! I remember the last time we talked to each other, one thing I said to her was, can we go and have ice cream together sometime? The last thing I remember her saying to me is, yes we can. However, now, unfortunately we can't, since she's gone. I would sure love to meet the original band members of Journey, that is, Steve Perry, Neal Schön, Jonathan Cain, Ross Vallory and Steve Smith. Journey is soooooooo cooooooool! Like Steve Perry once put it, Journey is number one in the nation! By the way, do any of you remember Steve Perry from Journey? I've been searching for him, since I've always wanted to meet him. From what I've researched, he's currently living in Del Mar, California. However, I haven't found any contact information, such as an Email Address, phone number, or even a mailing address. Where do I search? I've checked tons of white pages and email directories, but I can't find anything. Where do I turn? My friend, Dawn Stahlberg told me that Steve Perry might not want to be contacted, and I told her, I know he wants to be contacted. He's not like Björk, who attacked a news reporter for filming her son. And he's certainly not like Michael Jackson, who was constantly extorted by the press and the media. If I could describe it, Steve Perry's like Ben Taylor, who always wants to be friends with his fans. By the way I met Ben Taylor when he came to Eugene for a concert, and I'm telling you, he's quite a sweet guy! He's like an older brother to me!
  20. I actually am familiar with Google. It's my default home page and search engine.
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