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  1. I have purchased Atmosphere Deluxe 7.0 from Vectormedia Software, and I need help in this situation. I sent a support request to support@vectormediasoftware.com on 2/10/2011, and I haven't received a response in a timely manner. I also sent a letter via Registered Mail on 3/1/2011. I sent it to: Vectormedia Software LLC, 173 Stiles Road, Bradford, UK, Yorkshire BD7 4RF, England. I hope I sent it to the right address, and I hope the administrators and sales representatives received it in time. The last time I received an Email from the company was 7/21/2010 at 3:52 PM. According to their website, the company responds to most requests within 24 hours. I'm confused, does this mean 24 hours, like regular hours in a day? Or does this mean 24 business hours? If you can, especially any of you Songfacts Members who live in England, please be so kind as to contact them and have them send me an Email. I would kindly appreciate it.
  2. Is this the version without dialogue at the end? That's the one I'm looking for.
  3. It seems the one on Youtube has dialogue at the end. And, I can't get the one on grooveshark to play without becoming a registered member. Heck, I can't even find this one on 4shared.
  4. In 1991, when I was staying at my Grandma's house in California for summer vacation, I heard the song "You Are My Home", and the DJ said it was Linda Eder and Peabo Bryson. I've been looking for this version as an MP3, but I can't find it on either ITunes or Amazon. Where do I search?
  5. No one can forget Ben Taylor's sweet version of this tune.
  6. His funeral is today in Paisley, Scotland. And I have something that I wish I could send to the St. Mirin's Church. I plan to record this and play it this afternoon. Notice that the segments followed by "...", stand for "I'm about to cry some tears!". This is probably the most important thing ... I’ve ever done in my life! Every since I heard the story about him suffering that long battle with liver failure, I was shocked out of my mind! When Gerry gave his all, and sang his songs from the heart, I thought he had done well with the statements he made. If it wasn’t for his statement ... there wouldn't be any peace and harmony in anyone. ... Don’t pay any attention, this is probably gonna happen from time to time ... And I also respect him for the honest man he wants to be and the loving man that he is, He will always be honored ... Deeply Honored! And I do realize that he’s not what people think he is. What that means is ... In some people’s hearts, He may be just an ordinary average guy, but in my heart ... he’s forever Gerry Rafferty! What I believe is, Gerry’s statement was taken the wrong way, and that those idiots who took his statement as a threat had better straighten up! Gerry’s bold statement was a definite sign of bravery. And for the sake of anyone who knew who he was ... it was a sign of confidence! If I didn’t like him, then why would I be sayin' all this sweet stuff about him in this beautiful song that I wrote? Some people thought that ... Gerry was only making a statement to be taken to heart. For your information, what they don’t understand, is that he made a statement that should never be teased or joked about. The average listeners simply took his statement, and literally passed it off as utter nonsense. ... Gerry’s statement specifically said, and I quote, All I want in life, and all I want in this world ... is for everyone to love one another and live in perfect harmony. If anyone had been listening carefully, they’d take their chance to realize ... That there is not a moment, where in any of his conversation ... he would’ve said anything that was full of baloney. I believe that the average listeners were only trying to stretch the truth a little ... Because Gerry was only innocently reciting what he wanted, not just for himself, but for everyone around the world. What I believe is that, Gerry was only taking his chance ... to bring the love back to the world! People were thinking he was an idiot ... And that he had no right on Earth to make his statement in the streets of Scotland. I believe what people don’t realize is that ... he was only trying to make something very clear! I once told a friend of mine, that I always wanted to have that opportunity ... to meet Gerry, and to sing a duet with him. This friend of mine told me, that anything is a possibility. She said to me, if you put your mind to it, you can do it! However, now I feel that I can't, because I know that ... he's flown away, high up in the Friendly Skies. Every night, when I fall asleep, I dream of walking on the beach in Australia, with Gerry by my side. And every night in my bedtime blessings, I shall say to him these words. ... May you rest in peace ... sweet Gerry Rafferty. And may the light of your sweet soul shine down on me. I sure wish I could've had that opportunity to meet you. I'm gonna miss you, but I know eventually we'll meet each other one sweet day. ... And when I die, I will be with you then. I will see you up high in the friendly skies, Gerry. In conclusion, I would like to say, when I was a child, there was this story in a Weekly Reader ... And it was called “The Most Unforgettable Sweetheart I’ve Ever Metâ€. ... And for me that person ... is Gerry Rafferty! And no matter, what happens to me on my Judgement Day ... There will always be, the sweet lovely voice of a pure heart, with a love so soft and tender. And to this day, no matter how long I live, or who I meet in my life ... that person will always be, Gerry For Me! Thank You!
  7. I sure wish I could share the song I'm writing for him, in other words, I sure wish he could hear it straight from my heart!
  8. Some newspapers said it was kidney failure, and some said it was liver failure, while others said it was alcoholism. Now I'm confused! Which of the three is more accurate?
  9. One of these days, I want to go to a park and release balloons for him. I've even thought about writing a love song for him. May you rest in peace, sweet Gerry Rafferty, and may the light of your sweet soul shine down on me. I sure wish I could've had that opportunity to meet you. I'm gonna miss you, but I know eventually we'll meet each other one sweet day. I will see you up high in the friendly skies, Gerry.
  10. I don't think that Atmosphere Deluxe has the capability of fixing a crackle or a pop or a gap of silence. I've tried fixing this looping situation within Sonar, but with disastrous results. Sound Jacks? Never heard of it. I guess high-quality has a cost, eh?
  11. I just received Classic Albums, The Making Of Duran Duran: Rio" from Amazon.com, and I have a couple questions for you. 1. Why does the title appear on my computer's Windows Explorer Program as "EV302254_9", instead of "Classic Albums Duran Duran Rio", or something along that line? 2. On my regular DVD player, as well as an external DVD player on my laptop, the DVD tends to skip, when on the internal DVD Players of both my computers, it works just fine. Is there a reason why any of this is happening? I don't understand why this would happen when the DVD was purchased brand-new from Amazon.com. What's up with that? If it's the DVD player, how do I fix that?
  12. I was wondering if any of you could help with this situation. I received Atmosphere Deluxe 7.0 in May of this year, and I'm looking for sounds that I can add to the software. These sounds are divided into two main categories. Background sounds and Random Sounds, with several subcategories. I would send the help file, but I don't want to put your facilities at risk of a possible virus. So let me put it this way. As explained in the help file, background sounds are sounds that play continuously, giving the ambience of the soundscape, and Random Sounds are shorter sounds that play at random intervals, to give more textures to the soundscape. For me, it's hard to search for high-quality sounds, especially the background sounds. As the background sounds are supposed to be loopable, which usually means that they shouldn't have a crackle or a pop, and there shouldn't be a gap of silence when they loop back to the beginning and around again, it's hard for me to find decent ones in high-quality audio format. More information about Atmosphere Deluxe is available here. http://www.vectormediasoftware.com/atmdeluxehome.htm. Background Sounds: Animals: Bandicoots Bison Bulls Cats Cheetahs Cows Coyotes Dingos Dogs Dolphins Elephants Goats Horses Hyenas Kangaroos Koalas Lambs Leopards Monkeys Pandas Pigs Piglets Sea Lions Seals Sheep Tigers Wallabies Whales Wolves Wombats Zebras Birds: Australian Magpies Australian Ravens Backyard Birds Blue-Winged Kookaburras Brolgas Cockatoos Cuckoo Doves Currawongs Eagles Emus Hens Laughing Kookaburras Lorakeets Mopou Doves Ostriches Owls Pigeons Roosters City: Aquarium Church Department Store Gift Shop Medium Street Medium Street 1 Pet Shop Photo Booth San Diego Zoo Shopping Mall Dining: Bacon Frying Bakery Cafeteria Coffee Shop Deli Doughnut Shop Eggs On Griddle French Fries Frying General Restaurant Ice Cream Shop Pizza Parlor Snack Bar Ducks And Geese: Swans Loop Emergency: Emergency Dispatch Center Fire Department Hospital Heart Monitor Beep Heart Monitor Flatline Medevac Helicopter Interior Oxygen Tank Police Station Entertainment: Cassino Ambience Cassino Ambience 1 Cassino Ambience 2 Concert Hall Fairground Ambience Movie Theater Nightclub Popcorn Machine Restaurant Playground Recording Studio Video Arcade Farm Chicken Coop Cow Farm Horse Farm Manger Ambience Pig Farm Sheep Farm Footsteps: Australian Outback Walk Australian Outback Walk 2 Forest Walk Walking In Gravel Walking In Grass Walking Through Branches Walking Through Brush Jungle: Australian Outback Australian Rainforest Open Range Misc: Big Ben Clock Tower Morocco Market People: Airport Crowd Baseball Croud Basketball Croud Children In Playground Children in Swimming Pool Concert Hall Crowd Crowd Applause Chrowd At Beach Crowd Chatter Crowd Cheering Crowd In Cafeteria Crowd In Doughnut Shop Crowd In Restaurant Crowd In Shopping Mall Football Crowd Golf Crowd Soccer Crowd Sports: Baseball Field Basketball Court Bowling Alley Cattle Drive Football Field Golf Course Horseback Riding School Playground Soccer Field Swimming Pool Swimming Pool 2 Transport: Airbus A300 Jetplane Cabin Airport Parking Lot Airport Runway Ambulance Interior Amtrack Train Interior Auckland International Airport Avalon Express Cabin Baltimore Washington International Airport Boeing 707 Jetplane Cabin Boeing 727 Jetplane Cabin Boeing 737 Jetplane Cabin Boeing 747 Jetplane Cabin Boeing 757 Jetplane Cabin Boeing 767 Jetplane Cabin Boeing 777 Jetplane Cabin Bus Interior Bus Station Cairns International Airport Catalina Express Cabin Catalina Express Terminal (Avalon) Catalina Express Terminal (Dana Point) Catalina Express Terminal Downtown Long Beach Catalina Express Terminal (Queen Mary Long Beach) Catalina Express Terminal (San Pedro) Catalina Jet Cabin Chicago O'hare International Airport Fire Truck Interior Freight Train Emergency Brakes Freight Train Interior Helicopter Interior HelicopterLanding Pad Islander Express Cabin Jetcat Express Cabin Kingsford Smith Sydney Airport London Heathrow International Airport Los Angeles International Airport New York Subway Passenger Train Emergency Brakes Passenger Train Interior Police Car Interior Portland International Airport San Francisco International Airport Starship Express Cabin Super Express Cabin Train Crossing Bell Tullamarine Melbourne Airport Water: Calm Sea Marina Pebble Beach Sandy Shore Weather: Gentle Breeze Hail on Car Roof Hail On Leaves Hail On Pavement Heavy Howling Wind Light Howling Wind Medium Howling Wind Medium Rain Rain On Tin Roof Random Sounds: Animals: Bandicoot: Bandicoot 1 Bandicoot 2 Bandicoot 3 Bandicoot 4 Bandicoot 5 Bandicoot 6 Bandicoot 7 Bandicoot 8 Bandicoot 9 Bandicoot 10 Bandicoot 11 Bandicoot 12 Bandicoot 13 Bandicoot 14 Bison: Bison 1 Bison 2 Bison 3 Bison 4 Bison 5 Bison 6 Bison 7 Bison 8 Bison 9 Bison 10 Bison 11 Bison 12 Bison 13 Bison 14 Cat: Cat Meow 1 Cat Meow 2 Cat Meow 3 Cat Meow 4 Cat Meow 5 Cat Meow 6 Cat Screech 1 Cat Screech 2 Cat Screech 3 Cat Screech 4 Cat Screech 5 Cat Screech 6 Cheetah: Cheetah 1 Cheetah 2 Cheetah 3 Cheetah 4 Cheetah 5 Cheetah 6 Cheetah 7 Cheetah 8 Cow: Cow Moo 1 Cow Moo 2 Cow Moo 3 Cow Moo 4 Cow Moo 5 Cow Moo 6 Cowbell 1 Cowbell 2 Cowbell 3 Cowbell 4 Cowbell 5 Cowbell 6 Coyote: Coyote 1 Coyote 2 Coyote 3 Coyote 4 Coyote 5 Coyote 6 Coyote 7 Coyote 8 Dingo: Dingo 1 Dingo 2 Dingo 3 Dingo 4 Dingo 5 Dingo 6 Dingo 7 Dingo 8 Dog: Dog Bark 1 Dog Bark 2 Dog Bark 3 Dog Bark 4 Dog Barks 1 Dog Barks 2 Dog Barks 3 Dog Barks 4 Dog Growl 1 Dog Growl 2 Dog Growl 3 Dog Growl 4 Dog Whimper 1 Dog Whimper 2 Dog Whimper 3 Dog Whimper 4 Dog Yip 1 Dog Yip 2 Dog Yip 3 Dog Yip 4 Dolphin: Dolphin 1 Dolphin 2 Dolphin 3 Dolphin 4 Dolphin 5 Dolphin 6 Dolphin 7 Dolphin 8 Dolphin 9 Dolphin 10 Dolphin 11 Dolphin 12 Dolphin 13 Dolphin 14 Elephant: Elephant 1 Elephant 2 Elephant 3 Elephant 4 Elephant 5 Elephant 6 Elephant Trumpet 1 Elephant Trumpet 2 Elephant Trumpet 3 Elephant Trumpet 4 Elephant Trumpet 5 Elephant Trumpet 6 Goat: Goat 1 Goat 2 Goat 3 Goat 4 Goat 5 Goat 6 Goat 7 Goat 8 Goat 9 Goat 10 Goat 11 Goat 12 Goat 13 Goat 14 Horse Horse Canter Past 1 Horse Canter Past 2 Horse Canter Past 3 Horse Canter Past 4 Horse Canter Past 5 Horse Canter Past 6 Horse Gallop 1 Horse Gallop 2 Horse Gallop 3 Horse Gallop 4 Horse Gallop 5 Horse Gallop 6 Horse Passing 1 Horse Passing 2 Horse Passing 3 Horse Passing 4 Horse Passing 5 Horse Passing 6 Horse Snort 1 Horse Snort 2 Horse Snort 3 Horse Snort 4 Horse Snort 5 Horse Snort 6 Horse Trotting 1 Horse Trotting 2 Horse Trotting 3 Horse Trotting 4 Horse Trotting 5 Horse Trotting 6 Horse Whinny 1 Horse Whinny 2 Horse Whinny 3 Horse Whinny 4 Horse Whinny 5 Horse Whinny 6 Hyena: Hyena 1 Hyena 2 Hyena 3 Hyena 4 Hyena 5 Hyena 6 Kangaroo: Kangaroo 1 Kangaroo 2 Kangaroo 3 Kangaroo 4 Kangaroo 5 Kangaroo 6 Koala: Koala 1 Koala 2 Koala 3 Koala 4 Koala 5 Koala 6 Koala 7 Koala 8 Lamb: Lamb 1 Lamb 2 Lamb 3 Lamb 4 Lamb 5 Lamb 6 Lamb 7 Lamb 8 Lamb 9 Lamb 10 Lamb 11 Lamb 12 Lamb 13 Lamb 14 Leopard: Leopard 1 Leopard 2 Leopard 3 Leopard 4 Leopard 5 Leopard 6 Monkey: Monkey 1 Monkey 2 Monkey 3 Monkey 4 Monkey 5 Monkey 6 Panda: Panda 1 Panda 2 Panda 3 Panda 4 Panda 5 Panda 6 Panda 7 Panda 8 Pig: Pig 1 Pig 2 Pig 3 Pig 4 Pig 5 Pig 6 Pig 7 Pig 8 Pig 9 Pig 10 Pig 11 Pig 12 Pig 13 Pig 14 Piglet: Piglet 1 Piglet 2 Piglet 3 Piglet 4 Piglet 5 Piglet 6 Piglet 7 Piglet 8 Piglet 9 Piglet 10 Piglet 11 Piglet 12 Piglet 13 Piglet 14 Puppy: Puppy Bark 1 Puppy Bark 2 Puppy Bark 3 Puppy Bark 4 Puppy Barks 1 Puppy Barks 2 Puppy Barks 3 Puppy Barks 4 Puppy Growl 1 Puppy Growl 2 Puppy Growl 3 Puppy Growl 4 Puppy Whimper 1 Puppy Whimper 2 Puppy Whimper 3 Puppy Whimper 4 Puppy Yip 1 Puppy Yip 2 Puppy Yip 3 Puppy Yip 4 Sea Lion: Sea Lion 1 Sea Lion 2 Sea Lion 3 Sea Lion 4 Sea Lion 5 Sea Lion 6 Seal: Seal 1 Seal 2 Seal 3 Seal 4 Seal 5 Seal 6 Sheep: Sheep 1 Sheep 2 Sheep 3 Sheep 4 Sheep 5 Sheep 6 Sheep 7 Sheep 8 Sheep 9 Sheep 10 Sheep 11 Sheep 12 Sheep 13 Sheep 14 Tiger: Tiger 1 Tiger 2 Tiger 3 Tiger 4 Tiger 5 Tiger 6 Wallaby Wallaby 1 Wallaby 2 Wallaby 3 Wallaby 4 Wallaby 5 Wallaby 6 Wallaby 7 Wallaby 8 Wildebeest: Wildebeest Wombat: Wombat 1 Wombat 2 Wombat 3 Wombat 4 Wombat 5 Wombat 6 Wombat 7 Wombat 8 Zebra: Zebra 1 Zebra 2 Zebra 3 Zebra 4 Zebra 5 Zebra 6 Zebra 7 Zebra 8 Birds: Australian Magpie: Australian Magpie 1 Australian Magpie 2 Australian Magpie 3 Australian Magpie 4 Australian Magpie 5 Australian Magpie 6 Australian Magpie 7 Australian Magpie 8 Australian Magpie 9 Australian Magpie 10 Australian Magpie 11 Australian Magpie 12 Australian Magpie 13 Australian Magpie 14 Australian Raven: Australian Raven 1 Australian Raven 2 Australian Raven 3 Australian Raven 4 Australian Raven 5 Australian Raven 6 Australian Raven 7 Australian Raven 8 Australian Raven 9 Australian Raven 10 Australian Raven 11 Australian Raven 12 Australian Raven 13 Australian Raven 14 Barn Swallow: Barn Swallow 1 Barn Swallow 2 Barn Swallow 3 Barn Swallow 4 Barn Swallow 5 Barn Swallow 6 Barn Swallow 7 Barn Swallow 8 Barn Swallow 9 Barn Swallow 10 Barn Swallow 11 Barn Swallow 12 Barn Swallow 13 Barn Swallow 14 Black-Capped Chickadee: Black-Capped Chickadee 1 Black-Capped Chickadee 2 Black-Capped Chickadee 3 Black-Capped Chickadee 4 Black-Capped Chickadee 5 Black-Capped Chickadee 6 Black-Capped Chickadee 7 Black-Capped Chickadee 8 Black-Capped Chickadee 9 Black-Capped Chickadee 10 Black-Capped Chickadee 11 Black-Capped Chickadee 12 Black-Capped Chickadee 13 Black-Capped Chickadee 14 Blue Jay: Blue Jay 1 Blue Jay 2 Blue Jay 3 Blue Jay 4 Blue Jay 5 Blue Jay 6 Blue Jay 7 Blue Jay 8 Blue Jay 9 Blue Jay 10 Blue Jay 11 Blue Jay 12 Blue Jay 13 Blue Jay 14 Blue-Winged Kookaburra: Blue-Winged Kookaburra 1 Blue-Winged Kookaburra 2 Blue-Winged Kookaburra 3 Blue-Winged Kookaburra 4 Blue-Winged Kookaburra 5 Blue-Winged Kookaburra 6 Blue-Winged Kookaburra 7 Blue-Winged Kookaburra 8 Blue-Winged Kookaburra 9 Blue-Winged Kookaburra 10 Blue-Winged Kookaburra 11 Blue-Winged Kookaburra 12 Blue-Winged Kookaburra 13 Blue-Winged Kookaburra 14 Brolga Brolga 1 Brolga 2 Brolga 3 Brolga 4 Brolga 5 Brolga 6 Brolga 7 Brolga 8 Brolga 9 Brolga 10 Brolga 11 Brolga 12 Brolga 13 Brolga 14 Carolina Chickadee: Carolina Chickadee 1 Carolina Chickadee 2 Carolina Chickadee 3 Carolina Chickadee 4 Carolina Chickadee 5 Carolina Chickadee 6 Carolina Chickadee 7 Carolina Chickadee 8 Carolina Chickadee 9 Carolina Chickadee 10 Carolina Chickadee 11 Carolina Chickadee 12 Carolina Chickadee 13 Carolina Chickadee 14 Cockatoo Cockatoo 1 Cockatoo 2 Cockatoo 3 Cockatoo 4 Cockatoo 5 Cockatoo 6 Cockatoo 7 Cockatoo 8 Cockatoo 9 Cockatoo 10 Cockatoo 11 Cockatoo 12 Cockatoo 13 Cockatoo 14 Cuckoo Dove: Cuckoo Dove 1 Cuckoo Dove 2 Cuckoo Dove 3 Cuckoo Dove 4 Cuckoo Dove 5 Cuckoo Dove 6 Cuckoo Dove 7 Cuckoo Dove 8 Currawong: Currawong 1 Currawong 2 Currawong 3 Currawong 4 Currawong 5 Currawong 6 Currawong 7 Currawong 8 Currawong 9 Currawong 10 Currawong 11 Currawong 12 Currawong 13 Currawong 14 Eagle: Eagle 1 Eagle 2 Eagle 3 Eagle 4 Eagle 5 Eagle 6 Eagle 7 Eagle 8 Eagle 9 Eagle 10 Eagle 11 Eagle 12 Eagle 13 Eagle 14 Emu: Emu 1 Emu 2 Emu 3 Emu 4 Emu 5 Emu 6 Emu 7 Emu 8 Emu 9 Emu 10 Emu 11 Emu 12 Emu 13 Emu 14 Great-Horned Owl: Great-Horned Owl 1 Great-Horned Owl 2 Great-Horned Owl 3 Great-Horned Owl 4 Great-Horned Owl 5 Great-Horned Owl 6 Great-Horned Owl 7 Great-Horned Owl 8 Great-Horned Owl 9 Great-Horned Owl 10 Great-Horned Owl 11 Great-Horned Owl 12 Great-Horned Owl 13 Great-Horned Owl 14 Hen: Hen 1 Hen 2 Hen 3 Hen 4 Hen 5 Hen 6 Hen 7 Hen 8 Hen 9 Hen 10 Hen 11 Hen 12 Hen 13 Hen 14 Laughing Kookaburra: Laughing Kookaburra 1 Laughing Kookaburra 2 Laughing Kookaburra 3 Laughing Kookaburra 4 Laughing Kookaburra 5 Laughing Kookaburra 6 Laughing Kookaburra 7 Laughing Kookaburra 8 Laughing Kookaburra 9 Laughing Kookaburra 10 Laughing Kookaburra 11 Laughing Kookaburra 12 Laughing Kookaburra 13 Laughing Kookaburra 14 Lorakeet: Lorakeet 1 Lorakeet 2 Lorakeet 3 Lorakeet 4 Lorakeet 5 Lorakeet 6 Lorakeet 7 Lorakeet 8 Lorakeet 10 Lorakeet 11 Lorakeet 12 Lorakeet 13 Lorakeet 14 Mopou Dove: Mopou Dove 1 Mopou Dove 2 Mopou Dove 3 Mopou Dove 4 Mopou Dove 5 Mopou Dove 6 Mopou Dove 7 Mopou Dove 8 Ostrich Ostrich 1 Ostrich 2 Ostrich 3 Ostrich 4 Ostrich 5 Ostrich 6 Ostrich 7 Ostrich 8 Ostrich 9 Ostrich 10 Ostrich 11 Ostrich 12 Ostrich 13 Ostrich 14 Rooster: Rooster 1 Rooster 2 Rooster 3 Rooster 4 Rooster 5 Rooster 6 Rooster 7 Rooster 8 Rooster 9 Rooster 10 Rooster 11 Rooster 12 Rooster 13 Rooster 14 Scrub Jay: Scrub Jay 1 Scrub Jay 2 Scrub Jay 3 Scrub Jay 4 Scrub Jay 5 Scrub Jay 6 Scrub Jay 7 Scrub Jay 8 Scrub Jay 9 Scrub Jay 10 Scrub Jay 11 Scrub Jay 12 Scrub Jay 13 Scrub Jay 14 Steller's Jay: Steller's Jay 1 Steller's Jay 2 Steller's Jay 3 Steller's Jay 4 Steller's Jay 5 Steller's Jay 6 Steller's Jay 7 Steller's Jay 8 Steller's Jay 9 Steller's Jay 10 Steller's Jay 11 Steller's Jay 12 Steller's Jay 13 Steller's Jay 14 White-Throated Sparrow: White-Throated Sparrow 1 White-Throated Sparrow 2 White-Throated Sparrow 3 White-Throated Sparrow 4 White-Throated Sparrow 5 White-Throated Sparrow 6 White-Throated Sparrow 7 White-Throated Sparrow 8 White-Throated Sparrow 9 White-Throated Sparrow 10 White-Throated Sparrow 11 White-Throated Sparrow 12 White-Throated Sparrow 13 White-Throated Sparrow 14 Chimes Big Benn Clock Tower 1/4 Hour Chime Big Ben Clock Tower 1/2 Hour Chime Big Ben Clock Tower 3/4 Hour Chime Big Ben Clock Tower Hour Chime Big Ben Clock Tower Hour Strikes Church Bells: Church Bell 1 Church Bell 2 Church Bell 3 Church Bell 4 Dining: Cracking Egg Flipping Bacon Flipping Eggs On Griddle Flipping Meat Open Bottle and Pour Into Glass Open Bottle and Pour Into Ice Glass Open Can and Pour Into Glass Open Can and Pour Into Ice Glass Emergency: Ambulance: Ambulance Horn 1 Ambulance Horn 2 Ambulance Horn 3 Ambulance Horn 4 Ambulance Siren 1 Ambulance Siren 2 Ambulance Siren 3 Ambulance Siren 4 Ambulance Siren 5 Ambulance Siren 6 Ambulance Siren 7 Ambulance Siren 8 Ambulance Siren 9 Ambulance Siren 10 Ambulance Siren 11 Ambulance Siren 12 Ambulance Siren 13 Ambulance Siren 14 Emergency Dispatch Center: Telephone 1 Telephone 2 Telephone 3 Telephone 4 Telephone 5 Telephone 6 Telephone 7 Telephone 8 Fire Department: Emergency Tone 1 Emergency Tone 2 Emergency Tone 3 Emergency Tone 4 Fire Alarm Bell 1 Fire Alarm Bell 2 Fire Alarm Bell 3 Fire Alarm Bell 4 Fire Extinguisher 1 Fire Extinguisher 2 Fire Extinguisher 3 Fire Extinguisher 4 Fire Siren 1 Fire Siren 2 Fire Siren 3 Fire Siren 4 Fire Truck: Fire Truck Horn 1 Fire Truck Horn 2 Fire Truck Horn 3 Fire Truck Horn 4 Fire Truck Siren 1 Fire Truck Siren 2 Fire Truck Siren 3 Fire Truck Siren 4 Fire Truck Siren 5 Fire Truck Siren 6 Fire Truck Siren 7 Fire Truck Siren 8 Fire Truck Siren 9 Fire Truck Siren 10 Fire Truck Siren 11 Fire Truck Siren 12 Fire Truck Siren 13 Fire Truck Siren 14 Police Car: Police Car Horn 1 Police Car Horn 2 Police Car Horn 3 Police Car Horn 4 Police Car Siren 1 Police Car Siren 2 Police Car Siren 3 Police Car Siren 4 Police Car Siren 5 Police Car Siren 6 Police Car Siren 7 Police Car Siren 8 Police Car Siren 9 Police Car Siren 10 Police Car Siren 11 Police Car Siren 12 Police Car Siren 13 Police Car Siren 14 Entertainment: Concert Hall: Orchestra Tuning Movie Theater: Snack Machine Ticket Machine People: Baby Crying 1 Baby Crying 2 Baby Crying 3 Baby Crying 4 Baby Laugh 1 Baby Laugh 2 Baby Laugh 3 Baby Laugh 4 Child Laugh 1 Child Laugh 2 Child Laugh 3 Child Laugh 4 Child Running 1 Child Running 2 Child Running 3 Child Running 4 Footsteps Footsteps 1 Footsteps 2 Footsteps 3 Footsteps Female Footsteps Male Running footsteps Playground: Jungle Gym 1 Jungle Gym 2 Jungle Gym 3 Jungle Gym 4 Jungle Gym 5 Jungle Gym 6 Seesaw 1 Seesaw 2 Seesaw 3 Seesaw 4 Seesaw 5 Seesaw 6 Slide 1 Slide 2 Slide 3 Slide 4 Slide 5 Slide 6 Swing 1 Swing 2 Swing 3 Swing 4 Swing 5 Swing 6 Restaurant Playground: Ball Pit 1 Ball Pit 2 Ball Pit 3 Ball Pit 4 Ball Pit 5 Ball Pit 6 Ball Pit 7 Ball Pit 8 Merry-Go-Round 1 Merry-Go-Round 2 Merry-Go-Round 3 Merry-Go-Round 4 Merry-Go-Round 5 Merry-Go-Round 6 Merry-Go-Round 7 Merry-Go-Round 8 Shopping: Cash Register 1 Cash Register 2 Elevator 1 Elevator 2 Elevator 3 Elevator 4 Elevator Door Close 1 Elevator Door Close 2 Elevator Door Open 1 Elevator Door Open 2 Escalator 1 Escalator 2 Sports: Baseball: Baseball Pitch 1 Baseball Pitch 2 Baseball Pitch 3 Baseball Pitch 4 Baseball Pitch 5 Baseball Pitch 6 Basketball: Basketball Shot 1 Basketball Shot 2 Basketball Shot 3 Basketball Shot 4 Basketball Shot 5 Basketball Shot 6 Bowling: Bowling Ball 1 Bowling Ball 2 Bowling Ball 3 Bowling Ball 4 Bowling Pins Strike Bowling Pins Spare Duck Pins 1 Duck Pins 2 Duck Pins 3 Duck Pins 4 Ten Pins 1 Ten Pins 2 Ten Pins 3 Ten Pins 4 Golf: Golf Swing 1 Golf Swing 2 Golf Swing 3 Golf Swing 4 Golf Ball Drive Golf Ball Hole in One Golf Ball In Sandtrap Swimming: Dive Into Pool Dive Into Pool 1 Dive Into Pool 2 Dive Into Pool 3 Dive Into Pool 4 Pool Splash Pool Splash 1 Pool Splash 2 Pool Splash 3 Pool Splash 4 Transport: Airplane: Airbus A300 Jetplane Takeoff Airbus A300 Jetplane Land Boeing 707 Jetplane Takeoff Boeing 707 Jetplane Land Boeing 727 Jetplane Takeoff Boeing 727 Jetplane Land Boeing 737 Jetplane Takeoff Boeing 737 Jetplane Land Boeing 747 Jetplane Takeoff Boeing 747 Jetplane Land Boeing 757 Jetplane Takeoff Boeing 757 Jetplane Land Boeing 767 Jetplane Takeoff Boeing 767 Jetplane Land Boeing 777 Jetplane Takeoff Boeing 777 Jetplane Land Airport: Baggage Carousel 1 Baggage Carousel 2 Baggage Carousel 3 Baggage Carousel 4 Elevator 1 Elevator 2 Elevator 3 Elevator 4 Elevator Door Close 1 Elevator Door Close 2 Elevator Door Open 1 Elevator Door Open 2 Escalator 1 Escalator 2 Moving Walkway 1 Moving Walkway 2 Moving Walkway 3 Moving Walkway 4 Ticket Machine Bus: Air Brakes Bus Arrive Bus Depart Bus Horn (Air Horn) Bus Horn (Electric) Bus Start Engine Cabin Announcements: Welcome Aboard American Airlines Domestic Flight Announcement Welcome Aboard American Airlines International Flight Announcement Welcome Aboard British Airways Domestic Flight Announcement Welcome Aboard Continental Airlines Domestic Flight Announcement Welcome Aboard Continental Airlines International Flight Announcement Welcome Aboard Delta Airlines Domestic Flight Announcement Welcome Aboard Delta Airlines International Flight Announcement Welcome Aboard Jet Blue Airlines Domestic Flight Announcement Welcome Aboard Jet Blue Airlines International Flight Announcement Welcome Aboard Jetstar Airways Domestic Flight Announcement Welcome Aboard Jetstar Airways International Flight Announcement Welcome Aboard Northwest Airlines Domestic Flight Announcement Welcome Aboard Northwest Airlines International Flight Announcement Welcome Aboard Qantas Airways Domestic Flight Announcement Welcome Aboard Qantas Airways International Flight Announcement Welcome Aboard Southwest Airlines Domestic Flight Announcement Welcome Aboard Southwest Airlines International Flight Announcement Welcome Aboard United Airlines Domestic Flight Announcement Welcome Aboard United Airlines International Flight Announcement Welcome Aboard US Airways Domestic Flight Announcement Welcome Abord V Australia Domestic Flight Announcement Welcome Aboard V Australia International Flight Announcement Welcome Aboard Virgin Atlantic Airlines Domestic Flight Announcement Welcome Aboard Virgin Atlantic Airlines International Flight Announcement Prepare for Departure Arm Doors For Departure Prepare For Landing Disarm Doors For Landing Turn Off Electronic Devices Announcement Turn On Electronic Devices Announcement Ship: Avalon Express Departure Announcement 1 Avalon Express Arrival Announcement 1 Avalon Express Departure Announcement2 Avalon Express Arrival Announcement 2 Avalon Express Ship Whistle 1 Avalon Express Ship Whistle 2 Cat Express Departure Announcement 1 Cat Express Arrival Announcement 1 Cat Express Departure Announcement 2 Cat Express Arrival Announcement 2 Cat Express Ship Whistle 1 Cat Express Ship Whistle 2 Catalina Express Departure Announcement 1 Catalina Express Arrival Announcement 1 Catalina Express Departure Announcement 2 Catalina Express Arrival Announcement 2 Catalina Express Ship Whistle 1 Catalina Express Ship Whistle 2 Catalina Jet Departure Announcement 1 Catalina Jet Arrival Announcement 1 Catalina Jet Departure Announcement2 Catalina Jet Arrival Announcement 2 Catalina Jet Ship Whistle 1 Catalina Jet Ship Whistle 2 Islander Express Departure Announcement 1 Islander Express Arrival Announcement 1 Islander Express Departure Announcement2 Islander Express Arrival Announcement 2 Islander Express Ship Whistle 1 Islander Express Ship Whistle 2 Jetcat Express Departure Announcement 1 Jetcat Express Arrival Announcement 1 Jetcat Express Departure Announcement2 Jetcat Express Arrival Announcement 2 Jetcat Express Ship Whistle 1 Jetcat Express Ship Whistle 2 RMS Queen Mary Ship Whistle RMS Queen Mary 2 Ship Whistle Starship Express Departure Announcement 1 Starship Express Arrival Announcement 1 Starship Express Departure Announcement 2 Starship Express Arrival Announcement 2 Starship Express Ship Whistle 1 Starship Express Ship Whistle 2 Super Express Departure Announcement 1 Super Express Arrival Announcement 1 Super Express Departure Announcement 2 Super Express Arrival Announcement 2 Super Express Ship Whistle 1 Super Express Ship Whistle 2 Station: Airport Announcements: Unattended Car Announcement Unattended Baggage Announcement White Zone No Parking Announcement 1 White Zone No Parking Announcement 2 Courtesy Phone Announcement Baggage Claim Announcement Passenger Announcement Preboarding Announcement Final Boarding Announcement Security Announcement Catalina Express Announcements: Departure to Avalon Announcement 1 Departure to Avalon Announcement 2 Departure to Avalon Announcement 3 Departure to Avalon Announcement 4 Departure To Long Beach Queen Mary Announcement Departure To San Pedro Announcement Departure To Downtown Long Beach Catalina Landing Announcement Departure To Dana Point Announcement Departure to Two Harbors Announcement Train: Coupling 1 Coupling 2 Coupling 3 Coupling 4 Diesel Horn 1 Diesel Horn 2 Diesel Horn 3 Diesel Horn 4 Diesel Train Passing 1 Diesel Train Passing 2 Diesel Train Passing 3 Diesel Train Passing 4 Electric Train Passing 1 Electric Train Passing 2 Electric Train Passing 3 Electric Train Passing 4 Video Arcade: Pinball Machine Arcade Game (Burp Gun) Arcade Game (Rifle) Arcade Game (Ski Ball) Ticket Machine
  13. I wonder, would you please be so kind as to post the Songwriter Interview you had with Colin Hay in the "Songwriter Interviews" section? I'd love to read it!
  14. Wow you found it. However, there's this technical difficulty like static in the middle of the song. Is there a way I can get a clean version of this on ITunes?
  15. There's this song I used to hear on TV commercials when I was a child. It was usually on the commercials on the Disney Channel, between segments of TKO (Totally Kids Only). I'm not sure of the title of the song or who sang it, but I know it went something like. "I think it's time you need a hair cut. You need a haircut, you really need a haircut. Hair, cut!" A funny tune indeed, and pretty catchy at that. Where can I find it?
  16. Anybody have any suggestions for me as to where I could find a recording of this with just Human Nature singing?
  17. The problem is, I'm not sure if this website has a risk of viruses.
  18. Unfortunately, the option to Download the MP3 from this specific website you gave me is for registered members only. The only thing I could do is view the lyrics.
  19. That female vocalist, by the way, is Julie Anthony. And that was probably halfway through the song. The first verse was sung by Human Nature in that recording. I'm looking for a version with just Human Nature singing.
  20. I'm sure all of you may know the song "Advance Australia Fair". There's a version that I'm looking for by a band called Human Nature. Do any of you know this band? I know there's the version from the 2000 Sydney Olympics, but that one is the one that includes Julie Anthony and a large choir. I want the version with just Human Nature. Is there an official recording that this version is on? If so, where can I find it? I've searched on ITunes, but it's not there. By the way, I'd like to meet the band members. Phil Burton, Toby Allen, and brothers Michael and Andrew Tierney.
  21. So in other words, they lost in Justice Peter Jacobson's court, but now they're going to take it to a higher court? If that's the case, I say, "Way to go mates! I'm with you all the way. I love you, you Sweet Australians! You're brilliant!"
  22. So now I'm confused. Someone says they've totally lost the whole lawsuit, and another source tells me they're going to appeal. Which one is right as of now?
  23. MC Kenne, here's where you're wrong. Spelling it right would not rip off anybody. It would give you an A on your spelling test in school.
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