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  1. He's moving out of the house this weekend thank goodness. I have plans for him as a "going away gift"
  2. I just got a new one, I was out in my yard when my older brother (20) shoved a large bucket full of dog waste over my head. He had apparently been filling it since April and let it get even more rancid in the sun and rains... It was caked to my hair which is a naturally light brown color and made it look deep brown and yellowish , and my face, I had take a like a four hour shower to get rid of it and swear I can still smell it. ack! He took a ton of pictures of me after too, I would never dream of posting those nightmarish things...
  3. Just what the title says. What was the grossest thing to ever happen to you (as long as it's appropraite). I myself had the extreme misfortune of walking through my uncle's barn to the pool and found some "fertilizer" barefoot.
  4. Your essay lacks structure and a clear thought process. It is very baised too which should never be in this type of writing. It is more a nonsensical rant than anything.
  5. It's sick that I saw this was rated so low. I gave it a five. Whoever gave you that low rating clearly has no taste. And a coward too for not even leaving a comment.
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