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  1. :: Thanks for the welcome....yea that is another great one...almost anything by Queen pretty much rocks... >Another one bites the dust >Fat bottom girls >Killer Queen > Etc... I am also partial to "Rock this town" by stray cats P.S. - Anybody know the name to that Duran Duran song from "American Wedding" the last song played in the gay bar showdown? Edit: Nevermind...found it...it's called "The Reflex"
  2. Here are a few good ones, most are insperational songs and can be found on movie soundtracks >Joe Esposito - Your the best (The Karate Kid Soundtrack) >Survivor - Eye of the Tiger (Rocky Soundtrack) >Kansas - Wayward Son (Anchorman Soundtrack) >Athena Cage - Live your dreams (Save the Last Dance Soundtrack) >Kenny Loggins - Footloose (Footloose Soundtrack) >Kenny Loggins - Playing with the boys (Top Gun Soundtrack) >The Who - The Seeker (American Beauty Soundtrack) >Stepenwolf - Magic Carpet Ride (Austin Powers / Star Trek Soundtrack) >Queen - We are the Champions (D2: The Mighty Ducks Soundtrack) >Queen - We will rock you (A Knights Tale Soundtrack) There are tons more but those are some of my personal favoriates..enjoy! EDIT: Bonnie Taylor - I need a hero (Cant forget this one)
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