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  1. go check out BF's announcement in "Get the Word Out," and have a listen to their first song off their upcoming album. Good stuff!
  2. You remember those boxes that used to dot the roads where you could go in and make a phone call? It's the thing Superman changed clothes in. It's the thing Maxwell Smart went into and then dropped below ground to Headquarters. Anyone know any songs that mention those? Or are maybe about them? A friend is putting together an article... Thanks!
  3. we're trying to convince my folks to come out and go see the show with us. It would take my dad back to his high school and I know they'd love it. It's just getting out here for them is a bit of a physical challenge at present...
  4. We're planning to go see Million Ways next week during the week, since that's when most everybody else will be at work and voila! no crowds. I'm so looking forward to seeing that flick, I heart me some Seth McFarlane. He is deliciously sick and twisted, and (not so) oddly, that draws me like a mosquito to stagnant water. Or a tasty human.
  5. we will be seeing "Jersey Boys" in July... not the same thing, but supposed to be a good show.
  6. now, that story reminds me of junior high school, when parents always yelled at the boys to "Cut your hair, you look like a girl!"
  7. I am looking forward to "A Million Ways to Die in the West" like I haven't looked forward to a movie in a long time! That's one I'd be (almost) willing to stand in line for. But I probably won't get to see it until it's been out for a while. The work life is insanely busy with deadlines, always.
  8. not that specifically, but I think I had posters like that in my room!! (blinding!)
  9. One year ago today, we gained an angel.
  10. I partied with Elvin Bishop and his posse at a bar one night, many, many moons ago. Does he qualify?
  11. Many of my friends have been evacuated and are sleeping on couches. I'm hoping my family doesn't have to flee. Again.
  12. James Franco has dimples and much whiter teeth.
  13. saw "The Other Woman" a few days ago. Dragged Jeff to it, but he actually laughed a few times. It's a story about a woman whose husband is having an affair, so she confronts the other woman and they become friends. Then they both find he's cheating on them with yet a third. And then the three of them become friends and find out he's cheating with a 4th... and about what they do to him to get back at him. I like all the actors in it, Leslie Mann, Cameron Diaz, and guy who plays Jamie Lannister in GoT. It's a fun little kick and a way to get your mind (and body) out of the heat of the
  14. "Bad Boys" (whatcha gonna do when they come for you?)
  15. This is another one of those really wicked weird things (coincidences which, like ROUS's, I don't believe exist). Never before has my kid ever talked to me about the words in the rap music he listens to. Just tonight, not three hours ago, he came up to me and asked me my thoughts on Eminem. Turns out he's just "discovered" Eminem's music in the last couple of days and has been looking up the words on RapGenius, and he is totally and completely engulfed in the words, just like you said you were. It's just so random that he mentions that tonight - after never having listened to Eminem
  16. My brother was hit on the head with a Mag light when he was a teenager. Busted open his head then hauled him off to jail without seeking medical attention. When my folks got to the jail to get him out and saw that, my mom was so mad she was spitting nails. They filed a complaint against the cop and got him kicked off the department. My brother had needed several stitches. That is what embedded in my life-long hatred of cops. Then my nephew became a cop, and in him and in his cop friends, I see the integrity, intelligence, compassion, and good will that I never thought could exist on
  17. Looks great so far! Might be because I'm incredibly dense when it comes to this stuff, but where do I join? I see a place to log in, but nowhere to actually register...
  18. Do they have to be true stories? If not, here are a few that come immediately to mind... "The Night The Lights Went Out In Georgia" Vicki Lawrence "I Shot The Sheriff" ~ Eric Clapton "Cop Car" ~ Keith Urban "Americano!" ~ RCPM "Ride Like the Wind" ~ Christopher Cross
  19. hi there boys and girls. My sister is making some awesome music-themed jewelry. It's all one-of-a-kind, and she makes stuff to order, as well. Thought I'd share the link to her etsy site so you all could have a look... Mother's Day coming up, I bet there are lots of moms who'd love to have a guitar-string-and-pick bracelet! Dawn's Designs on Etsy
  20. here's an updated version of the Flies on You interview, with new info about their upcoming album and some new answers added in. Very good stuff! Flies On You: Doug and Andrew interview
  21. Random happening: My son (almost 21 years old) listens to rap/hip-hop. The rap/hip-hop that he listens to typically has supremely bad lyrics. X-rated, awful, bad words, stuff that the rapper (-ist?) wants to do to women, etc. I'm having a very very rough time with it because I'm a words person and so all I hear is the words and it's disturbing that he's listening to this stuff. Random question: Do rap/hip-hop-lovers even pay attention to the words in these songs? I just can't imagine that anyone who listens to this stuff likes the words.
  22. The movie's Jesus, Ted Neeley, is currently on tour in Italy performing the role to standing ovations and packed houses. It's pretty incredible, considering he's what, pushing 70 at least, that he can still hit those high notes like he did at 29 in the film. And of course I'll never miss an opportunity to plug an interview on this amazing site Check out my talk with Ted from last summer.
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