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  1. I can't quite believe this thread - maybe people should look up the words 'original' and genius in a dictionary because a lot of the names mentioned in this thread so far fall way short of both of those definitions. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying they are bad, I'm not saying they don't approach their music from unusual angles etc. but please, if we are talking about genius then we are talking about the sort of gifts that come along maybe half a dozen times in each generation, across all disciplines of human activity, not dozen upon dozen in the realm of pop music. If you really look at the history or rock and pop (say from 1920 up to today) I think you would be hard pressed to find more than ten people who really, genuinely live up to the title of genius, and maybe fifty to a hundred who were truly original.
  2. Obviously I'm not Gilliann but pleaase pardon the intrusion.... I think the Chieftains are regarded as one of the great groups of Ireland, god-like elder statemen and guardians of the folk traditions etc. but they are in the main seen as part of the furniture nowadays. Its is now almost 20 years since the Pogues brought them to a new younger audience and they haven't really had that push to the forefront of mass public visibility. So they're not the commercial force they might have been 20 or even 40 years back but they are still revered as one of Ireland's proudest, most dignified and honest bands.
  3. A good few years back I heard a song by Sandy Denny on the radio - all I can tell you is that it was a very gentle piece of music and it had bird song in the background. Anyone know the title?
  4. the second one could be Smokestack Lightnin by Howlin' Wolf.
  5. In My Life by The Beatles Goin' back, recorded by many, but The Byrds do the best vesion imo.
  6. not going to name any songs out right butI can think of a few bands/musicians that have flute players... there is abritish musician by the name of Virginia Astley who was a volcalist and flautist she's done solo work and was also in a band, the Ravishing Beauties. Might be worth checking out. There is also the Australian band The Go-betweens who in the mid-to late 80s had a member Amanda Brown who played flute, violin etc. a lot of their stuff from that period features Amanda adding light & shade to the basic guitar pop. There is also quite a bit of flute work, if memory serves, on Marvin Gaye's What's Going On album.
  7. A few that come to mind: the band Oddyssey Paul MacCartney album 'Venus & Mars' There was a very recent album by Andy Partrdige (lead singer/songwriter of british new wave band XTC) which was a full exploration of the sory of Orpheus. Black Metal band Emperor relased an album called Prometheus a couple of years back. There is the band Mercury Rev (and the mercury record label) Another band is Minotaur Shock The Genesis album Foxtrot has a track on it called Supper's Ready which contains a passage which interprets the legend of Narcissus. There is a King Crimson album In The Wake Of Posseidon
  8. White Man In Hammersmith Palais by the Clash - as far as I can remember the words of the title only appear right in the last couple of lines.
  9. its not 'my sweet lord' by George Harrison? the words are actually 'my sweet lord, oh my lord' which could be mistaken for thr ones you quoted or maybe Corgan deliberately changed them....
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