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  1. Hi guys... I think this post has been repeated almost forever, but i really need to know this... Anyone there knows what's the name of the flute music excerpt used a lot (like a cliche) in this series when some scene has a sunrise at the morning specially in a farm just before a rooster begins to sing? Thanks a lot.
  2. Very close! I think that almost any "clone" music based on R&B sound like this, but unfortunately "Pop music" isn´t the one i'm asking for. The part "Shoo bee dee bop bee dee bee bop bop bop bop" Sounds exactly like this, not "sshoobeedeebeedoowah" of pop music's, and it repeats again and again like some 8 more times i guess, it's like a drum filling or something... Pretty close friend!, oh, just another clue, this song has a touch of latin stuff in the voice of the singer. Thanks a lot.
  3. Ok, I quit! I´ve spend a whole day trying to find that f...ing song and guess what i've found... nothing! It could be peace of mind for me if someone knows the artist, name or even record company (that's any kind of data) about this one! Only few things (almost nothing) i know about it, perhaps this song was released in the mid-last 80's (or perhaps not), maybe it's from the early 90's (perhaps not) but the fact is, the song itself sounds very "eight-ish" (if you know what i mean!). The song it's not espectacular, but i know it was some kind of dance hit, it is some kind of R&B, 80's disco-dance and Reggae styles bizzarre mixture. Another clue of this song is that its musical flavor ressembles the "Ghostbuster's theme", the bass line (not exactly but likely), the drums pattern, and the brass (or perhaps it was a marimba?!?) lines sounds very familiar to 80's dance music (keep ghostbusters in mind) For the lyrics... (pfuff!!! if i can only remember a single coherent line of it!)... well the only thing i remember is something like one stupid guy singing something in the chorus part (or bridge part) like this... he....yeyeyeyee! (every single character corresponds to a sillabe) pretty much like... he-----y-e-y-e-y-e-y-e-e And for the music notation for this part you can grab some kind of midi stuff on your pc and play this notes (that's how the above sillabes sounds) G-----F-E-F-E-D-C-Bb-C-Bb After this part, the same guy (or perhaps another) keeps singing this nonsense words in a monotonical way: Shoo bee dee bop bee dee bee bop bop bop bop (it almost repeats forever...) Ok pals... that's all i know of this song... If you wanna listen, i've made a loop of this song in mp3 (my very own version of course), and if someone really want's to help me, post your e-mail here and i'll send the mp3 in order to bring more clues to this enigma! An apologie: the reason why i have almost no data about this song is that one day i hear it at radio in the exact time it was ending, and never more! Thanks in advance. (Please help this poor soul suffering of memory blackouts and no search options!)
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