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  1. I assume you are taLking "popular" music here. If so, the candidate songs (for me) would include ROUNDABOUT (Yes-1972), HEY JUDE (Beatles-1968), EVERYTIME YOU GO AWAY (Paul Young-1985)and LAYLA (Derek & the Dominoes-1972). Tough choic between these 4.
  2. No band wrote this "traditional" blues song. It originated in Creole country, author unknown. The most famous recorded version is by The Animals, summer of '64. Went to No. 1. Frigid Pink a midwestern band did a take on it in the late sixties.
  3. The whiny-voiced 15 year old girl who sings the chorus on "Run Joey Run". You must remember this, like you remember a root canal: "Daddy please don't it wasn't his fault he means so much to me. Daddy please don't we're gonna get married just you wait and see."
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