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  1. Kentucky ones are so happy. Though, apparently a lot of people were upset about them, and they started to make stickers to cover the smiley sun... I thought it was rather weird... Well, I don't know what I've got... I know I've got Michigan, though I don't think I can get that one to you. And, if we get custom plates on the new car, I may be able to get a Virginia one... Don't know, though.
  2. M-hm... I had a feeling it wouldn't stay depressing. :: I'm shocked! You can't write as fast as I can read? I'm amazed.
  3. Well, it was great, just as the previous chapter. I love all the little details you go into. It's an excellent chapter. So far, I've loved it all. Though, many may find it mildly depressing. Though, depressing books are a personal favorite. No clue why, but they are. So, the many books I've started are depressing, though, I get bored and always toss them aside. I haven't got a clue where any of them went. Oh well. I love the way you write. It's very excellent.
  4. I love it. It's really sweet, and sad at the same time. But not burst out in tears sad, you know? It's well written and I greatly enjoyed it. Though, I noticed one thing, I believe that near the begining you said that Treva was four, but later on you say she's three, or maybe I'm not remembering correctly. I'm not positive. I'll go check, though. Other than that little thing, I loved it.
  5. Ah, that's cool. I'm sure they're excellent. And I look foward to reading them.
  6. I, to be honest, would never be brave enough to put any of my stuff up anywhere. Though, you were able to put yours up, and I'm glad. It was excellent, and I'm sure more people will think so, too. And, thanks for caring about my cat. I'm sure he'll be fine, though. Seeing as we're getting him to the vet tomorrow, and all. And I hope they can easyly figure out what to do. My sister's cat has been sick with a virus for years, luckily it doesn't bother her much. And I'll be really upset if they make him stay over night or anything. Then I wouldn't have him for my birthday. Though, I'm pretty sure they won't have to. But, yet again, your work is great. If you have anything you happen to put up in the future, I hope that I see it. You're an excellent poet and you should be proud. I think I'll just shut up now.
  7. When first reading "Too many people but one sticks out, calling." I thought it said Too many people to through a stick at. Which, to be honest, confused me. So, reading it again I felt slightly stupid. Though, I haven't slept well recently. One of my kittens has an eye infection and I can't get him into the vet until Saturday, and now he's getting warm and I think he's got a fever. So, stress hasn't allowed me to sleep well. Though, I must say, they are all excellent, despite my being tired.
  8. Hm... The games are okay, I guess. I don't really know, though. I don't play many video games. Even if I wanted to, though, I wouldn't be able to get to the game. People are very obsessive over video games... We have one or two of the games. One for something and one for something else. It's slightly obvious I don't play these often, now isn't it? I played one for a couple days after I got it. Then some one else wanted to play it, so I let them. Haven't seen it since.
  9. Well, I've got five copies in the house right now... We didn't even have to go anywhere. We just ordered them in December, and they got delivered to the house today... Though, I've yet to even open my copy. Mostly waiting until we get it on CD so I don't have to read it... I know, sounds bad. You see, though. I've got nine kittens in my house. Tomorrow eight are supposed to go back home. My guess is that two will be staying. So, reading with a kitten is decently hard... Typing right now is hard enough with little Chin attacking my hair.
  10. Great site... There's so much I can relate to and I enjoyed reading it.
  11. Well, let's just say it's a good idea to have slept within the past 24 hours before trying that. I only got two. Then again I was scanning it really quickly. Oh well, I'll just be below average then.
  12. That is really amazing. What's the likelyhood of any thing like that happening? That, I must say, is rather cool. Life is really odd like that some times.
  13. Heh, I'm wearing black converse right now. I love them. I've got bright orange ones, too.
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