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  1. Yes, the word "Grunge" is a pretty vague one. I´ve seen "Hype!"-movie 2 days ago after several years. Great movie, and after watching it, everybody should know that there has been a lot more than the 4 "big ones" (Nirvana PJ, AIC, SG). For me, SOUNDGARDEN has always been the most talented and in a way most "subtle" band, not only in what we call "Grunge". A great and complete rock-group. For me it´s hard to understand why Cornell makes this sort of biceps-music. Soundgarden have always been a very strong and grown up band without bathos. Okay, I liked the AS-demo a lot, the songs sounded more natural and dry on it. By the way, the STONE TEMPLE PILOTS have been from San Diego. Not "Grunge", more Led Zeppelin-based. Great band, Weiland has been a great performer (above all in the late STP-years), the "Thank You"-DVD is stunning.
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