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  1. Well, I may as well post stuff here for feedback. I hear this as an extremely powerful, angry rocker, sounding like something off the Who's LIVE AT LEEDS... And you You let me down You You let me down When I was sick and tired and needed someone to love to You didn?t care cause you had something new I couldn't believe it I couldn't believe it was you When I was bleeding crying on your front door babe You closed the window shut the blinds and what is more babe You could have heard me You could have learned from me I couldn't believe it I couldn't believe it was you And I hear the lies you tell to your friend-collection And I think how you have twisted life to fit your own perceptions You may think that you're fooling me, but I don't let that much pass me by? If I didn't see you again would you miss me? There was a time when I would have missed you And if I came back Disguised as your friend there would you know me? Could you see through me like I saw through you? And you You let me down And you You let me down You let me down ?2004. All rights reserved. (Really.) I know the lyrics are simplistic, but that's just because they're bare on the page...this is also one of my first attempts at writing an all-out rock song, which is hard for me.
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