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  1. Hey dudes, I'm having some problems with the main site. I figured this would be the best place to post it in on the forums. I don't know if this is a problem with the site or my computer or what. Pretty much when I go to the site, I can't login. I go to login under my e-mail and it says it doesn't have an account under the e-mail. I try to sign up again and it says my e-mail is currently in use, so there obviously is an account. I've gotten recent SongFacts newsletters too. And also when I go to search for songs or artists and [bleep], it loads the page but doesn't list anything. So this site
  2. Hey dudes, I've got this hype little song I found a while ago, and I've searched high and low all over the 'net, and I can't find out ANYWHERE who sings it!!! I found it just searching Guns N Roses on LimeWire, and saw the title "Sex, Drugs, And Rock & Roll". So, I downloaded it, thinking it was a GnR song I've never heard. It's not GnR, that's for sure. It's a live acoustic song, and it is the greatest song ever, if you like drugs. The song starts with... "It was long ago... seems like a dream... the day I sucked the air... from a bottle of whipped cream..." And then the chorus is,
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