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  1. Hey dudes, I'm having some problems with the main site. I figured this would be the best place to post it in on the forums. I don't know if this is a problem with the site or my computer or what. Pretty much when I go to the site, I can't login. I go to login under my e-mail and it says it doesn't have an account under the e-mail. I try to sign up again and it says my e-mail is currently in use, so there obviously is an account. I've gotten recent SongFacts newsletters too. And also when I go to search for songs or artists and [bleep], it loads the page but doesn't list anything. So this site has become pretty much nothing. Why is it doing this, and what can I do to fix it???
  2. Hey dudes, I've got this hype little song I found a while ago, and I've searched high and low all over the 'net, and I can't find out ANYWHERE who sings it!!! I found it just searching Guns N Roses on LimeWire, and saw the title "Sex, Drugs, And Rock & Roll". So, I downloaded it, thinking it was a GnR song I've never heard. It's not GnR, that's for sure. It's a live acoustic song, and it is the greatest song ever, if you like drugs. The song starts with... "It was long ago... seems like a dream... the day I sucked the air... from a bottle of whipped cream..." And then the chorus is, "Don't tell me about love and peace, when one of the Jones' has a handgun pointed at me. Don't tell me to JUST SAY NO, I'm an addict, I say no to lettin' me go. What ever happened to sex drugs and rock & roll, now we just have aids crack and techno." I would give you the rest of the lyrics but I don't want to type them all, and I can't find them anywhere on the 'net. At first me and my friends thought it might be Tenacious D, it sounds somewhat like Jack Black when he's singing but at the beginning when he talks it's definitely not him. The style is definitely similar to Tenacious D too. If anyone can help me, THANK YOU! If you want to hear the song, the only version you'll find is labelled Guns N Roses.
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