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  1. Thanks your awesomee! that's the song!! and yeah maybe im just a little insane.. hehe
  2. Okay I remember this song used to be played on the radio... I think it came out maybe around mid 1999 but I'm not sure. Anyway, it has that distinct Ben Folds sound but it might be someone else too. It's kind of depressing sounding in kind of a monotonous voice. I remember bits and pieces of the lyrics... it talked something about "smooth the edges with an iron tong" and something about slidng doors, and something about a star. And at the end they keep repeating "You are the sun (or star)" And there's a lotta "bop ba ba's" in between the verses. Haha someone please help me out... I know I'm not insane.
  3. okay im at a total loss for lyrics or the title and artist of this song, but i heard it in the car and its really good... possible lyrics: "and you say that nothings wrong when you play that same old song..." could maybe be fuel, creed, or any similar band. can anyone nail down any info? thanks!
  4. hey can anyone tell me the name of this song and artist? it's one of those songs where you cant quite tell what the lyrics are. it's from the mid to late 90's. its something like: "as i walk along by, i stop to the edge, to see the world around..." then ends the chorus with "it's the world i would know, it's the world i would know" -- please help! thanks
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