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  1. gilmoregirls. i love this show. ever so muchly.
  2. big [fart noise] wow to "The Coz", you make me sad. i am going off to cry.
  3. people who watch reality telli = people who have to much time on the there hands. though my sister and i bummed out one day/night and watched every single episode of Joe Millionaire (the american version) and we are now sick to death of any sort of reality tv it's so fake. bleh to it all. BLEH
  4. maybe some strange mining... thing is going on...who knows
  5. i wish they had cooler lost t-shirts...[hums]
  7. the entire movie seemed kinda sadish to me
  8. i think some of the star wars commericals are funny
  9. YESSS! advanced screening tickets!! WHOOP WHOOP!
  10. i hope that tribe of bears isn't in there...like they were in the sixth episode...man those were retarded
  11. i cannot wait till this movie comes out!! my best friend and i had a Star Wars movie marathon in celebration of seeing the trailer on Fever Pitch. lol. I even got myself a Anakin shirt (in the way he looks in the third episode) so when we go watch it on the 19th. yay! Force be with you.
  12. wait, Trigger Happy TV also rocks my socks
  13. Chapelle Show, Lost, CSI Vegas, South Park and King of the Hill i love em all
  14. aufhsajdhsa!!! [groans] that kate. i love sawyer, he is the bestest. sad though that he had to tattle on Kate. but still don't like kate. and of course we had to have a little shower scene and see her once again in her bra. [sigh] my bitterness towards kate grows. the hatch...interesting...
  15. new episode! REJOICE! the flashbacks are kate's..grrr..don't like her...maybe we will finally find out about that silly little plane and who-why-how she killed...hmmm
  16. <3 Sawyer! <3 Sawyer!
  17. gets what? he should get DEATH!
  18. i can honestly say i don't like locke.
  19. i think everyone already knows my favorite ::
  20. yay! more love for relient k! [dances]
  21. this show is one of the best in the business baby
  22. lol, you get all the spoilers here
  23. that was a great episode, did you see my lovely sawyer being so sweet? i really don't like jack, and here he was married this whole time he has been flirting with kate, and where is his ring? and why hasn't he mentioned or missed her any? grr to him. and those stupid tatoos. poor boone, i liked him. GREAT EPISODE!
  24. new episode tonight!!
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