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  1. Ah you're right! Thanks. And you're right again; it is an awesome song.
  2. Okay, the first question: What is the theme song to the show Rescue Me? Second question: I was listening to the radio and a classic rock song came on. The song kept mentioning a wolf and the chorus went ahooooooooooo. Does anyone have any clue what this song is called? Thanks.
  3. What is the song at the end of Donnie Darko called? The song before the credits...
  4. I was watching I Love the 70's 1970 and heard this song. I only heard one line, which is, "Don't cry for me". It's sung by a woman. Does anyone know what it's called or who sings it?
  5. Who sings the theme song to the OC and what's the song called?
  6. Does anyone know what "Creeques Alley" means?
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