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  1. I'm gonna copy Mindcrime here:

    60s: The Doors/The Beatles/Velvet Underground

    70s: Rush/Pink Floyd/David Bowie/Queen

    80s: The Cure/Dead Kennedys/The Damned/The Clash

    90s: Radiohead/Spiritualized/Beck/Alice In Chains

    00s: The White Stripes/The Killers

    There's lots more, but those come to mind first.

    Rad music man :angel:

  2. hey guys,

    I believe true influence comes from the beliefs of another band, such as the Velvet underground being so far ahead of there time. Other bands will be influenced by this and try to be ahead of there time and sound nothing like the Velvet underground.

  3. Art, is expressing yourself. Everything that a human uses to express oneself is Art. I dont believe taught guitarist scan relate to that on a level that self taught guitarists do.

    Taught guitarist are preached of dissonance right?

    Personally I don't believe dissonance exists and that just makes much less of a barrier for me to express my self.

    Even the most effient way to do something isn't the most creative way. If your taught the most effient way youll miss all the little things that your brain could have picked up on by taking the time to find out yourself.

  4. You guys dont even know what your talking about, MUSIC is ART its not about whos the Best its whos the most creative, not whos the fastest or technical. Its who touches us the most.

    Just like drawing or painting, music is relative to the person that is hearing it. NO one is the best, even a beginner guitar player can be a genius to another.

    EDIt: And I dont believe being taught guitar is the best way to learn its the best way to mimic someone but not to learn. Being taught guitar is the fast way to learn, but self taught guitarist are overall better players. Taught guitarist will never have there own thinking patterns, self taught ones develope there own and are more creative.

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